• Anonymous

    Caption contest miss. “What happened to Santa?”

  • lunch!

  • Blithe

    Oh Dear!!!! :-)

  • Giant rats, all of them. Destroying Rock Creek Park as we watch it happen.

    • BlasianSays

      Yeah! It’s not like these deer were here hundreds of years before us. How dare they trespass in nature. They should be ashamed.

      • Mari

        What’s missing are the cute furry animals with big teeth that would feed on the pretty little deer to keep their numbers in check.

        It would be nice if the city would at least allow bow hunting, which is much better than hitting Bambi with your economy car.

        • I think they have been replaced by steely-eyed murderers of the open road. Some of those hybrids are silent but deadly and Park commuters don’t stop for nuthin’ to get back to Upper Upper.

        • BeerDude

          All except for the terrifying mountain lion of Rock Creek Park….

      • dj
  • MPD identifies the “Deer of Interest” in Grandma’s sudden and violent death.

  • Collin

    Only good deer is on your dinner table. If I had a quarter for every time one of these things ran into the side of my family’s car(s) back home I would have over $5.

  • Anonymouse

    Jeeezus. You guys feel the same about homeless people?!? Let’s see one of you guys in a cage match, mano y deero, without your gun.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who gets a kick out of the irony of people hating on deer when the overpopulation of human beings is the much bigger problem in terms of human health, the health of other animals, and the welfare of the entire planet??? Hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      you are not the only one

    • Melissa Gilbert

      Please don’t use the phrase “hating on”. It’s becoming the new “dis”. Thank you.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll stop using “hating on” when people stop using the words literally, random, and douche.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll stop using “hating on” when people stop incorrectly using the words literally, random, and irregardless.

        • Irregardless of the comments here, the deer in Crestwood are SO RANDOM! Literally!

        • GloverGuy

          “Irregardless” is not a word.

  • Grammatically stigmatized or not, it’s in dictionaries.

  • margaret

    I think I saw that family of deer that day too!


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