Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

We live on the block between 14th and 13th streets on Quincy St. NW. Our alley looks like something out of the slums of Calcutta and has been nicknamed by the garbage collecting staff as the ‘vietnam’ alley because of all the trash that is illegally dumped and all the trash from the illegal group houses on this block where occupancy is at 19 for one of these Victorian townhouses. I’m wondering what can be done to expose the lack of attention that has been given to this problem (we have been here for 10 years) after numerous efforts to get the city to fine an ticket the landlords and of course just to clean up. There is now as u can imagine, a serious rat epidemic. Thank u for any suggestions u may have by exposing this awful problem that I feel so defeated by.”

Do you guys have any suggestions besides consistently calling your Council Member and ANC Rep as well as consistently calling 311 for illegal dumping pick up. No doubt this situation is an insult to Vietnam


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