Good Deal or Not? “WowSPACE” edition

by Prince Of Petworth — September 19, 2011 at 1:00 pm 25 Comments

This home is located at 1424 Rhode Island Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“WowSPACE – This Condo Town Home Has It All – Parking, Patio, Sep. Rental Apt. & in the heart of Logan!! 2BRs, 2.5BAS in main unit; Remodeled studio with 1BA, cork floors, sep gated entrance. Updated baths, SS appls. wall of windows, skylights, 2-level LR/DR with FP, wood flrs, and loft overlooking main level, tons of storage. 1 of a kind Unique-Truly Cool Space – Must see to believe!”

You can find more info here and a mouse on house tour here.

We looked at another unit on this block back in April ’10 that was going for $869,555. This unit is going for $791,424. What do you think of the house itself? Price sound right?

  • Eric

    I like the interior and it seems like a lot of space, but that exterior was made for someone who wishes it was still 1990, and considering how it’s attached to the other units, you aren’t going to be doing much to change it.

    • Dim

      Yeah, those facades make me cringe every time I walk past…

    • DCRat

      My first apartment in DC, in 1991, was at 1444 Rhode Island NW and those places were there, so you dating is about right.

      • saf

        They were there before that – we lived down that way in 1987 and these places were there.

        • Jen H.

          Yep, that look is all 80s!

  • Anonymous

    Agree that the exterior is a little dated, but given the location and the space, I think this is a great deal.

    • Anony

      Only if you enjoy being on display 24/7 to whomever is staying in the hotel helix directly next door.

  • anonymous

    Exterior is atrocious.

  • J

    I’ve always wanted to see inside one of these places because they look so crazy from the outside. What the heck is with the kitchen with angles you only see in geometry class.

    • Jaynuze

      I looked at one of these about 7 or 8 years ago; it was priced at $500K. C’est la vie. Then again, the previous owner had purchased it in ’98 for $100 something.

  • Anonymous

    First NoMA and now Wowspace…these agents will make up words to sell property!

  • Anon

    Sigh…this is why I will always be a renter and probably be forced to move outside of DC.

    • GloverGuy

      You will always be renter because you can’t afford an $800k townhouse in Logan Circle? There are cheaper alternatives, you know….

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, and I’m not sure what you mean by moving out of DC but things are not much cheaper in the DC suburbs.

        • Tres

          Add in cost of owning a car or larger public transportation expense…

          • Anonymous

            I wasn’t even factoring that in, but considering that a townhouse within walking distance to a metro and maybe a restaurant or two would cost just as much in Northern Virginia.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not terrible if you have a partner. Mortgage would be around $4k, plus ther’es a condo fee of $304, but according to the listing there’s rental income of $850 from the studio. Subtract that and split the difference betweeen two people and that’s $1727/month. Unless you live in a group house you’d probably be paying that much in rent to live in this area anyway.

  • JenDC

    Someone must be fine with it, as it is now under contract…

  • pvlife

    This has nothing to do really with the house value just an observation about quite a few of these listings on PoP. there always seems to be one tiny “bedroom” thats been set up as a nursery. A good use of a small space but then I wonder what happens to the family…do they all move to the ‘burbs? or are any of them trying to stay in the City and if so, whats the next neighborhood (if you can’t afford the obvious family choices, Cap Hill or Upper NW for the good inbound schools). I went into a lot of open houses looking last year and saw this nursery set up in almost all of them, just curious.

    • Anonymous

      When I was looking at houses the families were either moving to upper NW or upgrading to a larger house in the same general area. Or the crib was in there strictly for staging purposes.

  • Tres

    Location’s great. Outside looks dated, but as we can see on the inside what well chosen furnishings can do.

    I really think they needed to have renovated the garage-esqe thing into a kitchen/dining room. Would be *ideal* for summer parties — you could attract a renter who’d pay maybe $1000 over what that tiny studio would go for.

    • opal

      my house from the 1890’s looks dated too.

  • CA

    Such a loooong walk to the metro.

  • hohoho

    Great deal.

  • Anonymous

    I saw this property several times a few years back when it was on the market. It is a condo associated with another building behind. Interestingly, the other units in this same row are fee simple (and smaller). The condo is very nice, but the kitchen is really tiny. The location speaks for itself.

    Also, you will not get any car bigger than a Mini Cooper or Fiat 500 (both of which I like) in the garage due to the staircase angle. The District owns the land up to the actual building, so parking in front of the garage is not legal. The owner told me that she received a few tickets per year by parking in front of the garage.

    Because I liked the unit so much, I struggled deciding whether or not to make an offer. I ultimately decided against moving forward because of the parking situation – it was a priority on my wish-list. I also hoped to avoid a condo fee if possible.


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