Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user a.w.miller

Following this morning’s good news about Ruff n Ready reopening:

“Dear PoPville,

We’ve just moved in to a house and are looking for unique pieces at the right prices (low budget here) to fill our new space. We’ve scoured craigslist and some higher end antique stores, but aren’t finding anything that is decent quality for a decent price.

I know there are a few flea markets scattered about town (Florida Avenue comes to mind, though I never seem to find furniture there) and I love Hunted House and Miss Pixie’s…they just tend to be a bit higher on the price scale than what we’d like to spend. However, I’m hoping people may be able to chime in with other flea market locations where we can find more reasonable prices for fun, quirky pieces for our new place.”


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