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Shooting Last Night at 2600 15th St, NW and Early this Morning at 9th and Crittenden St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth August 17, 2011 at 9:49 am 35 Comments

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I’ve been getting a lot of emails inquiring about shootings last night.

“Dear PoP,

There’s a pretty sizable police presence at Euclid and University (btw 14th and 15th) right now. They have taped off much of the block and there are three or four plain clothes detectives milling about.”

MPD and DCAlerts reported a shooting last night around 1:30am.

According to WJLA:

“Two people have been arrested in connection with a deadly shooting in Meridian Hill Park area in Northwest. D.C. police say a person was shot in the 2600 block of 15th Street, near a Howard University dorm, around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday. The victim died on the scene.”

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There is not a lot info available at the moment but at some point a man was driven to the hospital this morning (presumably to treat a gun shot wound) and casings were found at 9th and Crittenden St, NW. Investigation is ongoing.

Comments (35)

  1. These are two separate incidents.

  2. Yes, sorry I thought that was clear.

  3. The shooting at 9th and Crittenden happened at 5:15 a.m. There were a LOT of shots fired, perhaps as many as 15-20.

  4. I saw some very strange graffiti written on a concrete alley entrance on Buchannon between 5th and Illinois this morning. I thought to myself that something may be going down in the neighborhood but didn’t know that it had already happened. The graffiti referenced a guy’s name and also “4th (or possibly 9th?) and Crittenden.” I suspect the police have already seen this but is there any special number to call to report this?

  5. Please send an email with here:

    “Chisley-Missouri,Kimberly(MPD)” [email protected]

  6. Done. Thanks.

  7. Trollsworth Derply

    are you sure it `wasn’t street art?

  8. Wonder if these were the same guys that shot up Garfield Terrace/11th & Florida Ave Saturday night. I heard MPD found 20+ spent casings.

  9. I live right there and got on the police scanner right after it happened. It was more like 2 volleys of 5-6 shots, sounded like from the same gun — sound and tempo was the same. It was tough to tell what was going on over the radio because it was right at shift change, but I definitely heard that the K9 found the discarded gun.

    Anybody know anything more about that one?

    Also, the 5-0 Radio app is awesome and free, and the stream is like 16k so it works even if AT&T wireless is being craptacular as usual.

  10. Where is the link to news on this shooting? I haven’t heard about it until now.

  11. If you’re referring to the gunfire in Garfield Terrace, you likely won’t hear about it because no one was injured or killed. There are probably 3-4 verifiable ‘sounds of gunfire’ calls every night in Columbia Heights and surrounding areas. Unless someone is hit, it’s generally not ‘news’.

  12. To me, it looked as if the 900 block of Crittenden (between 9th and Georgia) was blocked off.

  13. And all the intersection and half of the 800 block too. The markers for the casings were on the 800 block of Crittenden.

  14. There’s nothing like getting woken up from a dead sleep to a round of shots being fired. Hard to go back to sleep after hearing that. Counting sheep = counting shots?

  15. You never know…

    We live across from a “nuisance property”–last night around 7:30 or 8 there was a major bust. 10-15 cop cars, mostly unmarked, couple dozen cops, one with that shield they use to bust in doors, shotguns, vice, detectives, photos inside and outside, 3 or 4 people taken away in a police van, and cops on the scene for a couple hours. This was clearly planned and they were dotting i’s and crossing t’s–definitely been watching the house for months. Didn’t look like they arrested the people I see most involved though–those guys weren’t even around.

  16. I will never, never understand why the police don’t pay more attention to this. Its common on my block as well, and its obvious that these are the same guys that are selling drugs, stealing bikes and scooters, shooting craps in the alley, and generally fucking life up for everyone else. If I were a cop I’d be using every two-bit blocking the sidewalk statute to harass these worthless losers.

  17. you could understand, if you took the time and talked to an officer about this.

  18. Enlighten me.

  19. There are no loitering laws on the books. It is perfectly legal for kids to hang on the sidewalk for as long as they’d like. We could always try the littering and noise laws. This doesn’t deter them much either, and it’s not like the cops are going to waste a lot of time looking for excuses to bust up rowdy groups.

  20. No, there is no loitering law. However, there is a blocking the sidewalk law, among other statutes relevant here. Check DC Code Chapter 13, Sec. 22-1307. You can read about the statute’s limits and recent changes at http://koehlerlaw.net/2011/03/d-c-overhauls-disorderly-conduct-statute.

    Its only a deterrent if its done consistently. As a bonus, if the police spent more time “engaging” with these “rowdy groups,” they would pick up a lot of outstanding warrant, stolen property, “unregistered pistol,” and PWID drug arrests. Don’t you think that’d be worth stopping and stepping out of the squad car to see what’s going on? You’d never have to book a blocking the sidewalk arrest, its an engagement point. Or maybe you think the rowdy groups are just good boys, go to church on Sunday, listen to momma, and have nothing to do with the robbing and shooting in the nighborhood?

  21. You should become a cop. You will clean the city in no time.

  22. To Anonymous @12:59,

    Are you sure there are no loitering laws? If there were kids hanging out in front of my house, I’d call the cops anyway. You can say they are casing your property, they are intimidating you, whatever.

    If they have a history of causing trouble, the cops will be more likely to shoo them away. When I had trouble in my alley, the cops cold me to call whenever somebody was back there who didn’t live there. It helped that the cops already had a particular house on their radar, so it gave them cause to investigate.

  23. When I got home last night there were about 10 police cars around 14th and Perry and Perry was blocked off for about 20 minutes. This was 9 pm or so. Anybody know what was up with that?

  24. When is Mayor Grey going to acknowledge this problem?

  25. Has he ever addressed any crime problem? I’m not asking in a snarky way, but I feel like this administration has gone completely silent on nearly everything — especially crime.

  26. He’s busy with his own crime problems. This stuff makes him look good. Besides, only bad people are getting hurt for now.
    It’s just disappointing that no matter how much a neighborhood improves, these silly bastards will still do this.

  27. Gray will probably never acknowledge there’s a problem. I am glad Mayor Michael Nutter in Philadelphia is speaking out publicly, regarding black violence, in Philly. I emailed Gray, his communications director, and Deputy Mayor Paul Quander today and blasted them both on the crime issue. Others need to email Mayor Gray and tell him, he need to come out to neighborhoods and talk with constituents, listening to their concerns.

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

  28. I wonder if this has anything to do with the recent shooting on University that has been hushed up.

  29. “We are working a shooting at Clifton and University Place” unfortunately is a rather vague release by the Police. I have’t seen any subsequent news.

  30. Because it’s like complaining about dust in the Sahara.

  31. I wish if people dnt know wat there talkin about they shut there mouth I live at 909 and I dnt apperciate that people on line puttin my address on here mind your fucking business if u wanna be noisey then let’s state the facts the shooting was before my house and a party house no and if anyone got a problem then come to me since you live right across the street will find out who you are and will say it to your face get a life and stop being hot worring about something that ain’t got nothin to do with you

  32. Your incoherent ramble confirms all of my comfortable stereotypes. Thanks for making it easy!

  33. Apparently somebody sees enough stuff out there to mention your address. If something is happening in plain view, then you’ve made it everybody’s business. It has everything to do with us.

  34. defensive much?

    am i missing it where someone (other than you) mentioned 909? maybe you are comfortable with people getting shot up on your street but the rest of us are sick of it. we “dnt apperciate” not being able to walk around our own neighborhood. but thanks for contributing to the conversation.


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