Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

Sad news – check out the Shaw’s Tavern Facebook page. Looks like they’re not making enough money to stay open while they don’t have a liquor license. Hopefully there will be a positive outcome from the hearing and they’ll be able to reopen. Bummed because I’ve been gone on business travel all month and was looking forward to trying to food when I get back next week!”

Shaw’s Tavern Facebook page says:

“Shaw’s Tavern is closing its doors from Saturday 27th of August.
We could not survive without a liquor license. We will re -open when we are allowed to serve alcohol.”

Shaw’s Tavern is located at 520 Florida Ave, NW. They opened without a liquor license on July 29th 2011.

CityPaper’s Young and Hungry wrote last week:

“At a hearing on Aug. 10, a city inspector testified about documents allegedly doctored by a tavern manager, which were used to illegally obtain alcohol from wholesalers for pre-opening festivities.

The board, in recess until Sept. 14, is expected to rule on Shaw’s lingering liquor issues within 90 days.”


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