Police Situation Closes Streets, Forces Building Evacuation Last Night at 1515 Ogden St NW in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth August 16, 2011 at 9:30 am 43 Comments

Lots of people have been inquiring what happened last night. A reader sends in the video above and writes:

“By the time it was 3:30am, several hours had already passed with the residents of 1515 ogden st nw displaced from their apartment building. not sure exactly what happened, as police were less than communicative. i saw about 100 people outside, sitting, standing, laying down, trying to put their children to sleep.

According to Sargent Boteler, there was a person in the building with guns, and the cops needed just 15 more minutes, and then the residents could go back in (after the cops got both the person and the guns out of the building).

I took these videos around 3:30. by the time i left, 30 minutes after Srgnt Boteler said “15 more minutes”, the people were still outside. i was one of the lucky ones, since i could access my home.”

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