Washington, DC

This looks like it could be another great (not so) hidden gem. Their Web site says:

“The Tregaron Conservancy is a nonprofit organization founded in January 2006. As the property steward of thirteen acres of recently protected and donated land, the Tregaron Conservancy is restoring and maintaining an important historic landmark.

The twenty acre estate Tregaron lies between Cleveland Park and Woodley Park and borders on a small strip of Rock Creek Park. This land was once part of a larger estate known as Twin Oaks.”

The mission of the Tregaron Conservancy is to preserve, rehabilitate and maintain historic Tregaron Estate built in 1912. With thirteen acres of land in Washington, DC, placed into a conservancy as open green space never to be developed, the Tregaron Conservancy is now cleaning up and stabilizing the deteriorated landscape. The Conservancy is restoring this famous property, following the original maps and plans of Tregaron Estate’s renowned landscape architect Ellen Biddle Shipman. With the help of the community and generous supporters, we have rehabilitated the extensive bridle paths and pedestrian trials. We have planted over 50 new trees and 2000 daffodils. With miles of paths throughout the woodlands, lily ponds, gardens, meadows and along the streams, Tregaron Estate is open to visitors for their use and enjoyment. In the future, the Tregaron Conservancy will host lectures, guided walks, and cultural events – welcome to the public and at no charge.

The view above is from Macomb St, NW just west of Connecticut Ave, next to the Washington International School.

Has anyone done a tour of the property?


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