Dear PoPville – Thanks to the Good Samaritan in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth August 23, 2011 at 1:30 pm 53 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user yostinator

“Dear PoPville,

Yesterday morning I as I was walking down Irving Street, just past Acre 121, I accidentally brushed shoulders with someone going the opposite direction. I was zoned out, carrying two bags on that shoulder, and just didn’t judge the distance needed to pass. When it happened I kind of waved back to say I’m sorry, and kept going. I got about two steps further when suddenly the man was in my face screaming and cursing up a storm at me for running into him. I was totally caught off guard, trying to asses whether he was one of the local CoHi crazies or a resident having a rough Monday morning. Needless to say, I was terrified, and was stammering apologies as he continued to scream and curse at me, two inches from my face.

Then from the street I hear “Don’t you dare yell at a girl like that.” A car waiting at the light had seen the altercation and apparently pulled over to come to my rescue. The passenger, a rather large man, got out and got in the guy’s face telling him to back off and that it was an accident, as the guy continued yelling at him. At this point, I bolted. I continued on my way just wanting to get out of the situation, but looking back the rest of the way to the bus to be sure the crazy man wasn’t chasing after me, and literally thinking “this guy is going to stab me.”

Once I was safely on the bus (never thought I’d say that) I felt like a real jerk for taking off and not even acknowledging the two people who came to my aid. It’s probably a long shot, but I just wanted to put a giant thank you out into the world to them, since I know many people (admittedly myself included) probably wouldn’t have done the same.”


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