Damage to Mt. Rona Church at 13th and Monroe St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth — August 23, 2011 at 3:15 pm 13 Comments

Photo via PoPville twitter follower @CitizenCassidy

Lots of readers are writing and tweeting about damage to Mt. Rona Church:

“Damage to the baptist church at 13 and Monroe St, NW”

Another reader writes:

“Mt. Rona Baptist Church sustained damage to its steeple, chimney, and above its entrance. Stones fell literally across the street. Not sure what the overall building integrity is, but people should avoid the area in general– Monroe from 11th to Holmead and 13th from Park to Otis are shut down by police. Believe me, nothing was more disturbing then coming home to find my entire intersection blocked by police.”

Thanks to a reader for sending more shots:

  • J

    Any photos of the damage to the National Cathedral? Apparently three spires were trashed and a fourth is leaning.

    • J

      Sorry – make that the pinnacles on three spires of the central tower fell off and the tower itself is leaning.

  • K

    I hope no one was hurt!

    (Also, I live right down the street from this church. I’m still at work. I hope my house is okay!)

  • Marvin

    Man, the earthquake totally knocked by bottle of shampoo off the side of the tub!! Luckily, I remembered to put the cap back on it this morning!

    • rooty tooty


      • J

        Glad you weren’t brained by a falling cornice, because then that would have been a totally wasted $2.45 you spent on that bottle of CVS-brand Head & Shoulders!

        • anon

          Not too soon? OK:

          USGS rated the quake a 5.9,
          but S&P downgraded it to a 4.0

          • JRoseC


          • Silly


            Actually it rated it a 5.8 no one can report correctly. It was like a truck crossing a bridge, not a real earthquake. Building integrity much? Remember the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis in 2007? cleary our structures are no safer.

          • anon

            USGS downgraded it a couple hours after the initial report.

  • 11th

    they’re still reducing traffic on 13th to one and half lanes and have totally blocked off monroe btwn 11th and 13th in both directions. sad to see this happen to the church.

  • Johny Five

    Is is strange that I get super excited to buy timely topical t-shirts? District Quake makes me laugh!!!

  • SeanInNW

    It has been two weeks and the bricks in front of the church still litter the sidewalk. Caution tape forces pedestrians to walk in the road past the church… Why are so many churches in DC bad neighbors?


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