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  • Anonymous

    its nice to have something for the kids.

  • Nice Marmot

    I vote street art for this, graffiti for that crap Versus was spray painting advertising the hockey playoffs.

    • That’s What Shaw

      How did Versus get away with that? Seems like they should be fined. It’s not like Versus is some elusive tagger that hangs with Banksy and can’t be found.

      • It was sprayed-on chalk that didn’t take long to wear off and did no permanent damage.

        • elcal

          It wasn’t chalk at Mass/15 and it did take long to wear off, longer than the playoffs took beginning to end. Hell, it might still be there, I got so numb to seeing it.

        • Tim

          I’m pretty sure the ad at 14th and Kenyon is still there.

  • Mike

    Bad stenciling.

    • anonymous

      +1. I really wish I had the time to raise the game of street art in this city. damn.

      • timeless

        Ultra-lameness award!!! How much time do you need? 2-3 hours a week? What else are you doing????

  • Rosie

    I like it. What intersection is it at?

    • t

      Lamont & 19th

  • sigh

    i have to disagree with the claim that versus wears off. i still see it at certain intersections, especially around chinatown and its bright as day

  • Brookland Rez

    This is funny.

  • Mt P

    Hey, that’s the intersection in front of my house! 19th and Lamont, represent! And, for the record, I love it!

  • if you look at them from the side, they look like cartoon crocodile heads (the legs are snapping jaws, the arms are the eyeball sockets.)

  • Pennywirth

    WOW so beautiful! such awesome street art! G. T. F. O. H.

    • Anonymous

      we need a fresh diaper in the Pennywirth aisle!

  • Anonymous

    it’d be a lot cooler if they made a straight line.

    • Because zombies are known for their queuing, right? ;)

    • Anon

      Zombies don’t walk in straight lines.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Zombies don’t walk single file.

  • Florista

    I like ’em. Probs grafitti, but at least they are fun & fairly harmless.

  • PG

    Maybe it’s viral marketing for season 2 of The Walking Dead.


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