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Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Park View

by Prince Of Petworth July 7, 2011 at 3:00 pm 30 Comments

This rental is located at 3318 Georgia Ave, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:


1:00PM on Friday: 7/8
11:00AM on Saturday 7/9

Arrive ON TIME for FULL Tour of rooftop deck, etc.

Email to confirm your attendance in order for us to have applications ready for you.

Move in as soon as you like :-)

$250.00 pet deposit for small animals.
Tenant pays electricity.”

$1300 sound right for this 1 bedroom?

  • Mittens

    Nice… i actually live here. Great location. Neighborhood can get noisy, but it’s still a nice, clean apt at a good price. Friendly neighbors in the building, and great rooftop parties.

  • L

    I also live there and I agree with everything that Mittens said :)

    The building is fun, is in a great location and the rooftop views are incredible.

  • joker

    3 things:

    1. $1,300 a month (w/out utilites/catv/internet) for a one bedroom between Georgia and Sherman? Really?

    2. Never in my life have I seen an apt ad that could legimately say “metro” accessible, and not actually do it. Usually, its the other way around, the person claims metro accesibility but is a 30 minute walk away. Is it because they would have the word “petworth” in the ad and that it detracts from it?

    3. Do the two people above who are claiming its a good deal actually pay ~1,300 a month + for their units.

    Considering there are obviously better deals on CL right now for Columbia Heights places, there is no way I’d pony up $1,300 + a month to live there.

    • L

      I live in a 2 bedroom, which is MUCH bigger than the 1 bedroom. The building is pretty new (I’m the only person to have ever lived in my apartment) and the finishes are really nice. I can see how you can think that $1300 is expensive (based on the amount of space the 1 bedrooms have), but I don’t really think that it is. It’s a 5 min walk to the metro, there is a bus stop in front of the building and it’s probably the nicest building in that area. I suppose it’s not for everyone, but I really enjoy it.

    • DC Dude

      I’d love to see you find something closer to $1k less than a mile from the metro…that isn’t a dungeon

    • Anonymous

      $1300 for a 1 bedroom here is not bad. I don’t live there but I know plenty of people in the area that pay roughly that. By plenty I mean two, but still.

    • Rosie

      I’d like to know where all these people who think $1300 a month is too expensive live. You can’t even find a one br for $1300 in Arlington near the metro! It’s really not expensive compared to other apartments in Columbia Heights.

      • Anonymous

        i’d like to know how much money someone makes to not think it’s too expensive to pay that much in a marginal neighborhood.

        • Anonymous

          $50K and up. And I wouldn’t call it marginal personally.

          • Anonymous

            it’s marginal. lets not kid ourselves. we all love our neighborhoods, but our neighborhoods still have a long long way to go.

  • Columbia Hizzle

    Seems just a hair high (say $100), but may be worth it to some with amenities like a rooftop deck or if the place is pretty new. It definitely presents a decent comparable for folks that are looking to move in the area.

  • If it sounds high, I’d implore you to find a half-way decent one-bedroom within a mile of the CH metro station that is lower in price.

    I’d actually really like to hear that it’s possible. (no snark)

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yeah this sounds pretty decent to me. I walk by that building all the time and would have to say it really is the nicest in the area. That and Lamont Lofts. I am a very frugal person but I would definitely consider it.

    Can some of the people who live here say how much utilities run? That would probably be the clincher.

    • Anonymous

      Oh and it really is close to the metro, not sure what that person above was getting at?

      • anon

        It was kind of circuitously worded, but I think the commenter’s point was that he/she was surprised the Craigslist ad didn’t say “Blocks to the Metro!” (Or “STEPS to Metro!”)

        It looks to be about 6-7 blocks from the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro station, but didn’t mention anything about this in the ad… just listed the street address.

  • Rukasu

    Looks pretty decent to me, modern looking kitchen and rooftop is always a plus!

  • Rock

    The commenter who insists this is way overpriced is just not in touch with the market. Nice 1 br english basements in petworth/park view go for $1,200 these days. This seems like a good deal to me.

    • Anonymous

      how do ya’ll pay that much for rent for such a small place?

      • Maire

        ?? What do you pay and how big is your place?

        • Anonymous

          $1700 for a 3br house.
          2 income earners.

          also, to be clear, i wasn’t asking why people pay it, but how they can afford it.

          • Anonymous

            $1,700 is an almost unheard of low for a 3br even in bad parts of DC. My real estate agent told me that.

            Are you east of Georgia?

          • another guy named Chris

            Our jobs give us money on which we live?

            I pay $1400 1 bed + den and live around the corner, so I think the price is reasonable.

          • Rosie

            So you live in Virginia…

  • DC Dude

    Alot of rehab/development going on in that area. There is a privately funded mixed use project slated to go in across the street next to the post office soon called the Vue (http://neighborhooddevelopment.com/ndc-projects/vue-georgia-avenue/) which will offer some better retail options.

  • Anonymous

    I actually put an application in on this apartment, but wound up not taking it. The finishes are nice, and its a new building, but it is the smallest place I saw when looking. I don’t know the total square footage, but the living room is about 10.5’x12.5′, the floorplans are on the website. There is also a weird “patio”, that is too small to be useful for anything other than maybe bike storage, off the back that is at least 5′ below grade, meaning you have a glass door with no bars hidden from view in a pit leading directly in to the bedroom.

    I didn’t wind up taking it because the rental agent wouldn’t agree to meet with me to see it again before signing the lease, and my girlfriend, who lives only a couple blocks away, said she wouldn’t feel safe there alone due to the lack of bars on the windows.

  • textdoc

    This is encouraging! Thanks for the info.

    • textdoc

      Whoops, that was supposed to be a reply to DC Dude’s post from 4:45 p.m.

  • H Street Landlord

    Looks quite nice in the photos. And yeah, the location is quite good.

    Roof deck is a huge amenity.

  • Kalessin

    I used to live in the basement apt across the hall. The only reason I moved is that my wife and I had a child and needed more room (2 cats). Building is great, full of good people. Short walk to Tivoli Sq., Columbia Heights, or Petworth. Right next to Rita’s West Indian Carryout, which is awesome. The apartment itself is nice, everything works. The back door leads out to a recessed brick-and-concrete thing which is your fire escape, and the back door is drafty. All in all, a good spot.


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