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The 5pm Post – Happy 4th of July and in Celebration Please Enjoy This Awesome Spam Email

by Prince Of Petworth July 1, 2011 at 5:00 pm 5 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user HeatherMG

Have a great long weekend and eat well!

If you get any good photos of the fireworks, please upload some to the PoPville flickr pool.

And to start of the weekend with a smile I had to share this bizarrely random and awesome spam email I just received:

Okay fine my name is
paul witty,I will like to
order for chicken parm,
masala and chicken picasa
for for 200 people
and its for my mom
birthday,It will be pick
up by a carrier MAN on
the 7th of july
2011,Around 2pm noon,Am
ready to pay for full
payment right now with my
credit card,So can you
make it for me on that
date So can i
have the price per person and
the total cost for the 200
people u can also email me with ur full name and resturant adress and number

best regard

  • Brookland

    Hope Paul Witty has an alternative plan lined up for food for his mother’s party.

  • paul witty

    So are you going to make my chicken or what?

  • Hey Dan,

    The spam e-mail you received is pretty familiar to restaurants. It’s a common variant of advance fee fraud in which the fraudster orders a large quantity of food (typically for a special event, party, etc.) and then attempts to pay with a stolen credit card.

    At the time of purchase, the fraudster asks that the restaurant charge a few hunder dollars extra on the card and send the amount back via Western Union. By the time the cardholder reports the fraudulent charge, the scammer already has his cash and the restaurant is out the money for the food and the cash.

    I know at Capital City Diner we get phone calls (usually via voice relay) and e-mail messages of this type several times a month. Sometimes, I play along to frustrate them and waste their time, but usually just tell them we realize it’s a scam. The voice relay operators have told me “they do this sort of scam all day long” but their obligated to accept and relay the calls.

    Capital City Diner

  • victoria

    Sweet poetry – begs to be a song/rap/autotune thing!

  • DCBrewer

    I’ve had calls like that too… my favorite was an order for 1,000 blooming onions when I worked at Outback.


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