• Anonymous

    Anyone see that sweet old Mercedes for sale by owner down at 15th and R? Wonder what he’s asking.

    • JohnnyReb

      Yes! I just saw that earlier this week! Love it. What year would you say that is – ’58? Love the black and white two-tone paint.

  • Chris Marchand

    That old Land Rover looks like it hasn’t moved under its own power in years.

    • Rukasu

      On the contrary, it’s up on Capitol Hill, I frequently see it driving around and parked all over the place on the Hill.

  • elcal

    I hope to god this is sarcastic.

  • My grandfather (a coffee farmer in Nicaragua) had one of those Land Rovers, probably the same model. He had to build the roads in order to drive it to his farm, I still remember the smell of pine trees coming in from those windows under the windshield!

  • andy

    I always dreamed of having an ancient Land Rover like that and tooling around W. Wa. wilderness. Instead I drive a little mazda and live in DC.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure the landrover guy has at least two of these landrovers and he’s got a newer one on the same block. They definitely still work though, pretty sure I’ve seen them tooling around.


    • P. Viewwy

      There’s another guy with 2 oldies at Prospect and 33rd.

  • Sir Douchy

    I’m guessing that’s a Series III Land Rover (please correct me if I messed that up). The Ferrari looks like a 360 Spider – nice enough car but the color choice is questionable. You can probably pick up a low mileage early 2000s 360 for under $90k these days.

  • ShawRes

    There’s this great looking Defender 90 on Vermont and O.

  • Anonymous

    I thought they stopped making Ferraris when they invented Viagra?


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