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  • Anonymous

    What I would do for some un-cut coke right about now. HFCS that is, give me sucrose anyday.

  • NoLongNew2CH

    Super cool ad.

  • Reminds me of this story…


    Which just goes to show we’re not the only ones set upon by NIMBYism.

    • .

      I too was wondering when the anti-billboard activists in this town were going to start to chime in here. Of course, it is really about exerting their own will rather than any principled argument, so it’s tough to call what they will object to at any given time.

    • Anonymous

      everyone is a nimby about something.
      it’s like being human or something.

  • DG

    so hipster

    • Anonymous

      i don’t get it.

  • PetworthRes

    Really love this old ad. I wonder if it was recently uncovered? I recall there was a rowhouse in Shaw with a similar ad that was uncovered I think when a run down building next door was torn down…but now it’s covered by a new condo building. I hope they’ll be able to keep the ad on this house – some great history. I like the “Relieves Fatigue” slogan :)

    • Anon

      It wasnt recently uncovered. Its on South Capitol St just south of D Street. It has been visible for many years.

  • Sully

    I saw this a year ago. Is there kind of near the highway in the middle of nowhere?

    • Anonymous

      a highway in the middle of no where in the middle of dc?

      guess it depends on what you think “nowhere” means.

  • textdoc

    In general I hate billboards and am glad that D.C. has so few of them, but somehow I like the really old painted ads on buildings. (There’s one on the side of a building in Adams Morgan, on Columbia west of 18th — can’t remember what it says.) I think it’s because they’re less intrusive — usually just white paint on brick — and because it’s interesting to see the old-fashioned typefaces and old advertising slogans.

    I don’t know if I’d want an old painted ad on the side of my house… but as long as this homeowner is cool with it, I think all is well.

  • Jose Carioca

    This is beautiful and certainly should be preserved.

    For those who like such things, there is also a very nice “Pennsylvania Railroad” sign on the railroad bridge over Bladensburg Road as you are heading southbound toward New York Avenue. Apparently no one ever got around to painting it over (and they hopefully never will).

  • Florista

    I just LOVE it. If it was on my house, I’d do everything possible to preserve it.

    • Rukasu

      I’d ask the Coca-Cola Co. to help with my mortgage in exchange for the advertising and upkeep


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