Washington, DC

I’ve been getting lots of emails from folks asking for updates on Shaw’s Tavern located at 520 Florida Avenue NW. There have been lots of false alarms about opening dates. This is gonna be a situation for me, where I have to see it (or get a photo from a reader) of the opening. There have been some super “soft openings” but I believe they are still waiting on getting their proper permits in order. I’ve heard some people say they will be open tomorrow. I’m willing to say that they will be open soon. If anyone notices a proper opening tomorrow or this weekend – please send a photo and an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail.

I’m eager to take a taste!

UPDATE: A reader reminds us that the ABRA (alcohol permit) hearing isn’t until July 25.

I’m now told the new target date for opening is Thurs. July 28.


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