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Scare Tactics Successful? Proposed ‘Post Office’ Bistro Pulls Its ABRA Alcohol Application

by Prince Of Petworth July 14, 2011 at 10:30 am 19 Comments

ANC2B Commissioner Kevin O’Connor tweeted last night:

“Post Office (14th & T) withdraws ABRA application. May be a problem related to ownership of business. #ANC2B”

This is the establishment that some residents warned would turn T Street into the next Adams Morgan.

It’s not clear if this is in anyway related to the opposition group. Personally, I was looking forward to a “casual and relaxed bistro restaurant” at 1407 T St, NW.

I’ll be sure to update as more info becomes available.

  • Leroy


    A cool building will sit vacant even longer.

  • Reston Man

    Congratulations to all the protesters on this important win! And even if your hyperbolic, fear-mongering, inaccurate letter had nothing to do with the demise of an appealing neighborhood eatery, I applaud your efforts and look forward to joining you in the next fight; in the mean time, I invite you to my townhome right off the Greenway for some ritz crackers and EZ cheese in the comfy confines of my fenced in .5 acre back yard. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Logan Res

    What a shame. So this building will continue to sit vacant. No new jobs created, no new property and sales taxes generated, no new dining and beverage destination for all to experience. It amazes me that those who oppose progress and development continue to live in our city. Please move….and hurry. We want to be a diverse and cosomopolitan city with life and energy. You have tons of “burgs” and “vills” to choose to live in.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s not give them the credit for this. This was due to a change in the ownership group / financial reasons.

    • RDDC

      Totally not true…this was due to NIMBY…first hand knowledge

  • Anonymous

    Any word on the Guitar Bar on Conn. Ave in Dupont? I am looking forward to that.

  • Uh Huh

    I was talking to an owner of a bar/lounge in NYC. He says it is easy to open an establishment in NYC. None of the unnecessary BS that DC has. In my experience, all those bureaucratic layers only serve as a hotbed for corruption as inspectors have outsized power.

    • Trueblue

      Only 33 minutes for the first “it’s so much better in NYC” comment. Not bad.

      • indc

        Sadly, there’s always an element of truth in the comparison.

  • Dan

    Sounds like all the dumb protests about Room 11 opening up on 11th. Everyone thought it was going to be a drunken frat party everynight. Just cause they serve alcohol, doesn’t mean it’ll be another AM. Bleh.

  • The Gup

    pOp tell them to come to 11th Street!!!

  • The southwest corner of 14th and Monroe has been vacant ever since the discount furniture store (of “shoe chair” fame) closed a fwe years ago. It has nice windows facing 14th and Monroe and it would be a nice bookend to Ruby Tuesday across the street if an interesting local business set up shop there.

  • rabble

    who would want to put up with nearly a third of a thousand drunks carrying on???

    • Anonymous


  • Marcus Aurelius

    I don’t think “ownership of business” means neighborhood opposition to a business, but why let reason ruin an opportunity for a good rant.
    And in any event, if the neighborhood opposition had something to do with this, it means that – contrary to most of the posts on this development – the opposition was coming from more than just a handful of NIMBY’s.

  • RDDC

    The oppostion was from two men…two…neither named Gray or Fenty..or even Brown…this can be one silly backwards city sometimes…

  • Sag Paneer

    One point for the fuddy duds. Opposition group or otherwise, I encourage every derelict, hoodlum, and general malcontent in the city to proceed directly to 14th and T with the biggest baddest boom box that the pawn shop’s got to offer and an arsenal of AA batteries.
    Hell with the new Ad Mo; let’s turn the sucker into the new Bronx circa ’82.


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