Props to the Cops (and Citizens) Vol. 118

by Prince Of Petworth July 21, 2011 at 1:30 pm 17 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

From MPD:

At approximately 7:50 PM today [Wednesday] a citizen was on the Metro Bus at South Dakota Ave NE Galloway St. NE when a young juvenile male approached her and snatched her bag from her. The subject jumped off the Metro Bus with a female companion but was pursed by three female citizens who followed them to South Dakota and Kennedy Street NE area, where they flagged down a Park Police officer. Simultaneously, Fourth District Officers Kiel and Clayton Smith were on patrol canvassing for the suspects and spotted them as well. Officer Kiel advised the Park Police Officer to hold the suspects for further investigation.

A positive identification was made on the two suspects. The stolen property was recovered and returned to the victim. The victim was not injured in this robbery. It was learned that two other citizens also followed and assisted in identifying both suspects.

Due to the great assistance by the five involved citizens from the community, the outstanding coordination between all three Police agencies and of course our own Fourth District Officers Kiel, Smith and Copeland, two individuals were arrested and removed from the streets.

Outstanding work and coordination by all involved!!!

  • Eric

    I’m not sure I want to give props to any park police officer right now for simply doing their job. Great job on the help from the 3 women who chased the people down.

    • Anonymous

      “simply doing their job”

      what a jackass.

      • Eric

        Look. Cops are foremost public servents. They get paid very well to do their job. Do you faun over an employer for typical performance? No. When they do really good? yes. There is this fetishization of police force in the US which really gets in the way of rational conversation about the role of police in society.

        • Anonymous

          when firemen put out fires, i thing that’s worthy of props too.
          when a basketball player makes a shot, props are given.

          when a police officer catches someone that steals, props.
          i also thank people for service that i’m paying for.

          when someone bitches about the fetishization of the police force and makes a point to say “it’s just part of their job”, they’re a jackass.

          theorize all you want, but really, you should learn to appreciate things a bit more than just, meh, it’s their job.
          what do you do, btw?

          • Dupont Worker

            Are you kidding? Perhaps they should be called ‘heroes’, too. I agree with Eric. Police are paid to do this job and it really is ‘just part of the job’.

            I just don’t know where the police worship will end. If they do their jobs correctly, they’re heroes, and if they don’t appear to be doing their jobs at all, we should just shut up because we don’t know anything about how hard it is to be a police officer.

            Ugh, jeez. Let’s just have everyone do their jobs and save the praise for truly outstanding work and/or initiative.

          • Anonymous

            dupont worker,
            what issues do you have that you equate giving props and thanks as hero worship?

            fetishization? not quite. it’s called thanks.

            you guys don’t really see the world too clearly do you? you don’t need to exaggerate everything.

    • Anonymous

      Police officers are not invincible. This is my favorite “Props” story yet.

  • Tim

    Removed from the streets…..but for how long?

    • Anonymous

      They’re already out. Can’t be late for school. Besides, they’re good kids! I’m surprised you even have to ask. . .
      Children are not held responsible for their actions in the District.

  • greent

    Park Police: they know nothing about parks and even less about policing.

    • Elza

      Sounds like this one did.

      • greent

        Nope. Sorry, Park Police need to be told by actual police how to police.

  • Sleepy

    This is the only we’re going to stop or reduce crime in the city, if we fight back against the crooks. It’s obvious the Council isn;t geoing to set any new laws, and the cops are stretched thin and only care about big crimes.

    • TaylorStreetMan

      Like jaywalking?

    • Marvin

      Also, more tutoring for troubled youths will help.

      • mv

        yeah, right. i really hope you’re kidding. like a majority of the scum that commits these crimes are going to want to learn? i don’t think so.

  • mr. koi

    It is sad to think that these kids will most likely be slapped on the wrist and released. is there a way to follow up?


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