• Lacey

    They hit who in the face with what? And the Mayor and the elected officials really continue to tolerate such behavior from the local residents? Makes me so sick I can’t even enjoy this ice cream cone.

  • What is this tangy crap? I wanted rocky road.

  • SB

    Gunshots! Duck!

  • Ben

    Ok, Ok, Ok … here’s my impression of Rupert Murdoch eating an ice cream cone.

  • dccdc

    The kids and their crazy fads these days.

    Coning? I’ll show you coning. This is how it was done in my day.

  • D

    This ice cream cone is too messy. What’s a guy gotta do to get a cup of Fro-Yo in this town?

  • Tres

    I think that nice young man over there noticed me wrapping my lips around this thick cone. Aw, yeah — still got it.

  • That’s What Shaw


  • PG

    Smithers, I’m really enjoying this so called…iced cream

    • Anonymous

      hah! I like this one

    • BCinDC

      i like this one

  • Reggie

    The reclusive “King of Petworth” was said to cover 30 miles a day on foot in his time. But he only leaves his chambers for ice cream these days.

  • smc_dc

    Pleasant Pops was out of Watermelon Mint, so I guess it’s Kumkwat & Pickle Juice for me…

  • peaworth

    So, THIS is why they call it “Chocolate City!”

  • Sam

    Coning O’Brien

  • Austin DC

    How can something so sweet make me feel so sad.

  • SH

    And my dentist said losing my teeth would be a bad thing…

  • Oh god, should have left in my dentures! Gums…sooo…cooooold!

  • tapes

    I remember when they invented ice cream cones.

  • J

    That’s for killing my father!

  • andy

    I can’t believe I sneezed on my ice cream cone!

  • Eckingtonite

    Ouch! There’s a bullet in my ice cream cone! I hate Columbia Heights!

  • la boca

    Golf legend Arnold Palmer something something

  • Anonymous

    Count Chocula’s last bite – he never saw the imitation coco powder coming!

  • Phineas

    It’s when you get to the cone that you really miss your teeth.

  • Anonymous

    Simultaneously enduring 105 degree weather plus a brain-freeze…truly the greatest generation.

    • Anonymous

      Whoops, forgot to include name… KP

  • Smoove T

    It is widely misunderstood that Mr. Lionel Rutherford, age 81, received the nickname “The Ice Cream Man” for his unique method of filling ice cream cones, rather than consuming them.

  • Anon

    You’re a licker? I’ve always been partial to biting.

  • Kevin

    Gross! Soy ice cream! What is Columbia Heights coming to?

  • PG

    Bob finds out the hard way what the “surprise” is in a chunky chocolate fudge surprise cone.

  • DCRealist

    I just love chocolate ice cream, G-d damn it!

  • Zeke

    Ha! This is delicious! Ruin my prostate, my ass!

  • Local PW

    Grampa! You promised to just clean up the drips! Noooooo!

  • Anonymous

    Not sure why, but there’s something about seeing old people eating ice cream that makes me sad.

  • Craig

    That’s what she said.

  • Clarence Brown

    Old Man: This Ice Cream isn’t gonna help my gas…well at least while i’m making this face it looks like brain freeze instead of it looking like i’m letting one rip! Ahhhhhhhh….

  • Zeke

    Ah shit I got the napkin again.

  • MJ

    Brain Freeze! OWWWWW!

  • Zeke

    Wait, wasn’t there a grandkid attached to this thing a few minutes ago?

  • MarJeff

    “Damn generic denture cream!”

  • PetworthRes

    Seniors across the country and enjoying Ben & Jerry’s newest flavor…”Macadamia & Metamucil Magic!”

  • Zeke

    Did I leave the stove on?

  • RBE

    Seems I got a wawful cone…

  • Jeffrey

    My teeth hurtz…

  • JW

    Die, cone. DIE!!!

  • Hil

    1 senior and a cone.


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