Washington, DC

Blackbyrd Warehouse located next to Marvin at 2005 14th St, NW (14th and U)

At long last the next project from the Hilton brothers is about to open this Thursday. I had the chance to take a peek on Tuesday afternoon and it was well worth the wait. Ed. Note: To my Petworth brothers, sisters and cousins, I peeked in their Petworth project (Billy Simpsons) and it is moving along. Work is honest to God getting done. More on that later. Blackbyrd is located right next to Marvin just north of U St at 2005 14th St, NW. It has a very similar but slightly more polished feel to the American Ice Company. There’s an industrial feel and the huge second floor is going to blow you away. As an admitted seafood lover I was psyched to learn that there will be a raw bar and other seafood options. Blackbyrd Warehouse opens this Thursday.

Finishing touches were ongoing when I stopped by but you’ll get a good feel for how it’s gonna look from all the photos below. This a great addition to 14th and U.

First floor

Lots more photos after the jump.

Old posters from the 2008 election. Including the Obama classic by Obey

First floor bar

First floor booths

Old school bar stools

Stairs to second floor

Second floor lounge

Second floor huge ceilings

Second floor facing the bar and 14th Street


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