Operation Adams Morgan Update – Weekend Parking Restriction Lifted

by Prince Of Petworth July 29, 2011 at 12:30 pm 18 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Faucetini

From MPD:

MPD wishes to thank all that came out to “The District” last night to discuss the planned tactics used in enhancing the Adams Morgan area. We all feel it was very prodctive and informative across the board as was all the previous meetings that were held leading up to last night. As a result of last nights information sharing group discussion, MPD has decided to adjust the tactics utilized. MPD will no longer restrict parking in the 2300 and 2400 blocks of 18th Street on the weekends as previously laid out to all.

Are you glad parking will not be restricted? I believe the initial plan was to restrict parking after 10pm on those blocks.

We previously spoke about Operation Adams Morgan here.

  • Anonymous

    unless this is a bunch of lip service by MPD, I’m actually quite impressed with their responsiveness to area resident and business issues. even if the result is questionable (why was the parking restriction a major component of the crime fighting tactics or even a major concern for area businesses?), the process actually appears to be working. let’s just hope that police presence + guardian angels actually works.

    • Anonymous

      and by works, I mean removes the sense of mayhem and lawlessness that prevailed in the late night hours.

      • Anon2

        +1. I live 2 blocks away from 18th Street and never go on the weekends. It’s like a scene from Mad Max….except Tina Turner never showed up in her giant wig and chain mail.

        • Anonymous

          yeah, no use waiting for tina to show up.

  • The Real Jason

    Brilliant thinking on the MPD’s part. This will allow local goons easy access to escape vehicles after they’ve engaged in violent criminal activity.

  • ForTheShorties

    I think the intention is that by not allowing parking on 18th they actually push the lawlessness and parking into the neighboring residential areas (although I was not at the meeting at the District, so do not know for sure). I did not see any additional craziness on my block of Ontario last weekend – just the usual idiots leaving empty bottles everywhere and getting into their cars drunk.

    • Geoff

      Ugh. The one issue I have with 18th Street are the people who show up to prey on revelers.

      My second weekend after moving to Adams Morgan I dropped off a couple of friends at their place on 18th and Columbia. Walked down Ontario towards 18th/Harvard and was mugged by 3 men. Wasn’t drunk or anything, just stupidly oblivious.

      The problem is that the focus of the police force is on 18th Street and not on Ontario and other side streets.

  • Mr. Ed

    serious question: why doesn’t MPD have mounted patrols? in many other cities that have crowd control problems, you tend to see police horsies. and, even if they don’t have mounted patrols, what about tapping the Park Police’s stables?

    for people curious what it looks like in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=josHXHnhOt8

    unruly brits about as bad as any mob.

    • Anonymous

      they do. they just don’t use them that often.

  • Local PW

    As a former Adams Morgan resident, I think it’s good they aren’t restricting parking on 18th. The parking situation on neighboring streets on weekend nights was already nuts. A couple of sobriety checkpoints would be a good idea, not to mention a serious crackdown on underage drinking. Sadly some of the little Gs that cause problems in the area don’t even go into the bars since they are too young. They sit in their car slamming beers and breaking the bottles in the street, and then come out in a pack for the people watching.

  • victoria

    If one is not a grouchy old foggy, like most commentators here, is Adams Morgan actually still kind of fun when you are 23-25ish? My niece and nephew – worldly young people – good experienced party people – are visiting. Can anyone get beyond the “piss and bottles on my lawn ire” and tell me – is it still FUN?

    • Geoff

      I would take them to Dupont or further down 18th to places like Jack Rose. I wouldn’t bother with 18th on a Friday/Saturday. Just a thick crowd of sketchy people and drunk college kids everywhere.

  • Kustie the Klown

    The last time i went to Adams Morgan on a saturday night was to grab some food to go at Amsterdam Falafel and then walk back home.

    I had made it about 20 feet up 18th street with my food, struggling thru a crush of bodies on the sidewalk, when all of a sudden a feral human knocked my bag of food out of my hands and stomped all over the bag on the ground, while his 6 or so feral human friends all pointed at me and laughed, like hyenas.

    Good times. I haven’t been back, and likely won’t.

    • victoria

      Clearly this was a memorable event in your life -struggling through a “Crush of bodies” and “feral humans” knocking your little bag of food – but as I said, I’m not interested in the old foggy grumble!

      The mayhem/effluvia levels were high in the 80s – but it was also crazy fun! That’s what I’m asking – from non-precious-falafal people; is it still fun?

      • Tres

        Sing a line of Journey: “Just a small time girl!” If they respond positively, send em to any of your former haunts on 18th. Madam’s Organ and Millie and Al’s are still good choices for young visitors seeking spectacle.

        Otherwise, I’d start them off at 9th + U. Lots of options: they can dance, converse over a glass of wine, chill in a dive, whatever. At some point, they can get chili dogs at Ben’s, check out historic U Street. Varied options.

      • Anonymous

        Feral teen here: Hell yes it’s still fun! So send your worldly little nephew and niece down here, so I can knock the food out of their hands, too!

        • victoria

          Well I have no idea what you’re trying to say there – but the nephew did go, with 2 buddies and had a great time. And since they’re all MARINES with 3 tours in Irag and Afghanistan, they weren’t too worried about anyone knocking their falafals!

          They had fun. Crazy, bar-hopping, people watching – how did I wind up with this girl’s phone – kind of fun. Snoring on my couch until Sunday noon kind of fun. Except for a couple of doormen who wanted 2 IDs because they didn’t recognize military IDs- or were unsure of Hawaii license.

          So yes – the answer is yes.

  • jp

    Yes. It is a blast on the weekends (if you are from outside the neighbourhood and still enjoy acting like a teenager). I’m only 27 years old and I avoid Adams Morgan at all costs on the weekends. A shame, really since I only live 2 blocks away. During the week, I love to enjoy all the restaurants and night spots. But once Friday and Saturday hit, that street just isn’t safe at all. It’s sad that we can’t do more to bring order to the area, but as long as the shenanigans that go on around there are allowed, the bars and businesses will continue to cater to that type of clientele in order to make their $$$.


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