• LisaT

    We had the falafel a couple weeks ago. Nothing special, but pretty good. It was takeout and I wasn’t picking up, but the man reported the owner was extremely nice and even gave us some extras. The fries are wonderful and the perfect hangover cure–they’re the crinkles, old school and super greasy, with that certain fried french fry smell. They’re glorious covered in salt. I may be picking some up on the way home now…

  • caballero

    The awning looks good.

    The falafel and the gyro are both decent: a lot of food for the money.

    I may try the pizza this weekend.

  • P’worth

    I got the falafel last week and it was def. good and absolutely a lot of food for the money. And they’re very nice!

  • Zandunga

    I went there a couple of weeks ago and ordered pizza slices. The crust was good, but the slices were small for $2.99. The slices looked like they came from a medium pizza – so lots of crust but little else.

  • JL

    Yeah, comic sans just screams quality.

    • MJAL

      At least it’s not papyrus

    • RD


  • Sleepy

    I got the pizza twice. We liked it. It’s cheap, and better than the other cheap options around such as Pizza Hut or Manny and Olga’s. We’ll make this our go to place when we don’t feel like blowing the bank on Pete’s.
    The owners are super friendly as well. They act like they want to be part of the neighborhood and want to get to know people.

  • Eric

    Had a gyro the day after the machine was installed. It was delicious and huge (took up a whole styrofoam take away box). The lamb had a nice spice. Will definitely be a go-to for my weekend lunches.

    Also tried the 3-app deal. I chose the Greek Cigarette Borek – fried phyllo dough with a few cheeses and parsley inside, some hummus and the spanakopita. All were really good. So though I haven’t tried everything, it seems like the Greek items at least are worth the visit.

    The owners are super friendly and they tell me that they’re going to replace the wooden countertop with a granite one at some point and get a few TVs, so it might turn into a decent place to sit and eat a quick and reasonably priced meal as opposed to only take away.

    • Anonymous

      So, does mention of the gyro machine mean that they have legit gyros, and not those manufactured strips of mystery meat?

  • PetworthRes

    My husband has gotten the falafel and said it was really good. He also got some pizza – can’t beat $8.75 for a large 1-topping pizza. He said the owner is Turkish and very nice. This place seems like it will be a great addition to the neighborhood – affordable and friendly.

  • notlawd

    The owners are super nice! I agree that the pizza has a lot of crust, but you cant beat the price. Does anyone know if they are delivering yet?

    • Jill

      Yes, they do deliver. We have enjoyed everything we have had from this shop…salads, sandwiches and pizza. Delivery is fast enough and they are very nice. Happy to keep supporting this great addition to the neighborhood.

  • Jim

    Great food, amazingly nice owner and of course stupid people standing there not understanding the menu. Girl changed order 7 times in 2 minutes and eventually demanded her money back because she thought what I ordered was her’s and didn’t think my gyro looked like her chicken wings…… Hasan the owner may go crazy while the transition occurs

  • anor

    Great gyro +100000000000000000000

  • The Son

    Wow my dad did it he actually finished the place and there were tape fish inside and out it took me 10 hours to get them off but it is now really good looking


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