• Anon

    Two thumbs way up cause it’s unlike anything we’ll ever see again and isn’t constrained by beauty or taste. It makes me smile cause it looks like a big four-eyed happy face jutting out from and laughing at the neighborhood.

    March to a different drummer, cross between public housing and prison house!

  • Anonymous

    WTF is wrong with people…

  • 3rdstreetdesign

    The eyebrows are totally freaking me out.

    • 14th St Heights


  • textdoc

    Hmm… it’s not awful or anything, but somehow it doesn’t look quite right. I think it’s because the windows are so far apart on the 3rd and 4th floors, and not evenly spaced in relation to the doors on the 2nd and 1st floors.

    What was the story on the small, new-construction-looking building from July 2009, with “Do Not Enter” on the door?

  • ET


  • CheeseTriangle

    We almost rented a unit in this house (top level walk up, 2bd/2ba) about 1 year ago. We would have if someone else hadn’t beat us by submitting their application a few days before we did. It was pretty nice inside with good closets and nice finishes. The space planning was good: living area was as spacious as it could have been, and the light-levels were decent as well. The bedrooms were good sized and separated from the living area. I liked it a lot. Honestly, the only thing that bothered me about the house was that they took such care picking nice finishes and did really quality work (rare in a rental rehab in DC), but the kitchen appliances were stark budget white…and were featured front and center in the main area. Such a disappointment, but otherwise a great space.

    • CheeseTriangle

      …hmm on second thought I may be thinking of an almost-identical house on the same or next block.

  • Thumbs down. It’s like a kid in a suit tailored for someone else. There is something wrong with the proportions. There is a lot of empty brick space.

  • MichelleRD

    Thumbs down. Looks amateur and cheap. Why not three windows per floor?

  • SF

    A hideous monstrosity. Yikes.

  • andy

    i liked it so much better when it had ‘do not enter’ spraypainted on the door.

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Super awkward looking building. No idea why there are two windows per level instead of three, and the peaks on the roof make no (aesthetic) sense. Bars on the windows and doors also look bad. Crummy concrete steps.

    Perhaps the landscaping will make it look better…

  • J.H.

    sad story when the before and after both suck

  • Holmead

    Why does new masonry often look so cheap. Is it a question of the quality of the materials? It must be. They are doing several that look like this along 14th street. I think it is marginally better than the look of a falling down building.

    • Anonymous

      i think it’s more a question of weathering. in 10 years the brick will look better.

  • Al

    I love that the house to the right still has its Christmas Lights up!

  • Anonymous

    Tough critics. Far better than before and pretty decent finished product in an area in need of fix-ups. Please raise your hand if existing critical posters have ever spent more than $50K in a exterior renovation project?

    • ET

      Whole house paint.
      Serious tuckpointing.
      $14K on new windows (I have 16) of them.

      So I likely have spent about $50K on the exterior work.

      And that doesn’t count the expensive garden and the rotting deck in the backyard.

  • Tim


  • Painful

  • Dittle

    I pass by this place every day on my way to work, and it is a big improvement over what was there. The construction is a little awkward looking but this block is in desperate need of a face lift. I say – not bad.

  • JL

    The concrete work on the stairs and porch looks well done, but it definitely looks like some kind of flip job.

  • Amanda

    This place needs some shutters(black would look good) and some heavy landscaping! Looks completely out of place. They definitely could’ve tried a little harder on the details to make it look more DC authentic.

  • Anonymous

    Very, very ugly. But still an improvement over what was there before…

    I feel sorry for the other property owners on that block.

  • Resident

    Hideous! The could at the very least copied something tasteful from a magazine or the internet if they could not afford an architect?

  • Lester

    They were replacing the water line this past winter, I believe. Huge construction job. With all the time, cost, and headache invested, a little more care with the facade would have been worth it. Better design to match the neighboring houses on the block (like ornate lintels above the windows, taller windows to match the neighborhood, and perhaps variegated brick). Just lacks character, and it’s so hard to add at the end without it looking cheap.

  • RD

    excruciatingly ugly. it’s like they took the townhouse plans from some reston subdivision and plopped it down in a city row. the two awkwardly spaced windows not only look bad by itself, it also makes it incongruous with the other houses on the block, and accents just how much taller it is.

    I give it an F.

  • Brendan

    It’s like some sort of bizarre four-eyed cat with those two ears poking above the cornice.


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