Italian Pizza Kitchen Opens in Woodley Park

by Prince Of Petworth July 11, 2011 at 12:00 pm 11 Comments

Back in Sept. ’10 we learned that an Italian Pizza Kitchen was coming to 2608 Connecticut Ave, NW (they also have a location at 4483 Connecticut Ave NW.) Thanks to a few readers for sending word that the new space has opened. It looks great. This is def. not just a take out option. You can see their menu here. Though I’m also pretty intrigued about the frozen vodka lemonade. Anyone check them out yet?

  • CHSC

    I really loved the one at Conn. and Albemarle when I lived up there. Wasn’t the nicest interior though I liked the Fellini movies playing on the wall!

    Glad they’ve expanded.

  • greg

    it’s good. just like the other one.

  • Michael

    yay! 2nd best food option in wp now! 3rd best establishment overall (top 5: 1. Sherry’s, 2. Open City, 3. ipk, 4. chipotle 5. tie between the indian clothing store (w/ the glass pipes…) and cvs)

  • Kalorini

    I will see you tomorrow afternoon for one of these frozen vodka lemonades. Oh yes.

  • Pizza Man

    Been there twice now. I love pizza and have no problem giving my opinion. Awesome pizza. Good crust, good tasting sauce and the toppings are fresh. It is so nice to have some pizza that isn’t “gourmet”. Different than Two Amy’s, Open City, etc. Double IPA out of Charlottesville is an excellent way to wash it down.
    I must say though, I’m surprised that the staff was completely clueless. It seems like none of them have ever been in the industry. Conversation is awkward and they have no idea what is going on 3/4 of the time.
    Once they get that taken care of, this will be a great place (I will be a regular there regardless).
    I can see it being too crowded and in need of expansion sooner rather than later (especially w/ the take-out crowd that seems to be trafficking through).

  • Local PW

    Looks like a nice child friendly option for Woodley. Open City can get really crowded. I must admit my first choice is always Tono Sushi happy hour.

  • R

    Italian Pizza Kitchen was giving out piping hot free samples of organic thin crust cheese pizza on the sidewalk on 7/6. It was very weak on flavor. I was surprised, especially since it was fresh from the oven and nicely presented and looked good. Quite rare to find such bland pizza. It unsold the place. This is not even close to the league of say, Famous Luigi’s at 1132 19th St. But business has appeared brisk since IPK opened a couple weeks ago. But this in a neighborhood where many restaurants survive on one time only patronage from conventioneers and tourists who stay at the Marriott Wardman Park and Shoreham hotels so it’s not surprising it isn’t very good. They don’t rely on return business from the neighbors. Most of us dine in other ‘hoods with better food and lower prices.

  • noodles

    S’OK. Nothing more.

  • Anonymous

    two large pizzas w/two toppings for $22.95… cue the pete’s apizza dude.

  • Anonymous

    what’s the story with mellow mushroom? any updates?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Opening in Sept.


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