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Dear PoPville – Fresh Market – the better option at DC USA

by Prince Of Petworth July 28, 2011 at 12:30 pm 36 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Rukasu1

“Dear PoPville,

I (unfortunately) work out in Tysons Corner. But something awesome happened recently- Fresh Market opened nearby, in Vienna, VA. It’s something akin to a mix between Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, and it’s absolutely awesome. Fresh Market would be an even better fit than that other store that we shall not name that was supposed to open in DCUSA. The fresh produce, meat, fish, and prepared foods are great, and much more affordable than WF. I think Jim Graham and the citizens of Columbia Heights should lobby Fresh Market to see if they’d be willing to locate in DCUSA. Fresh Market seems to be aggressively trying to open more stores in the DC area. Their stores have a smaller footprint than traditional grocery stores, so I think it could work.”

Anyone else familiar with them? Would you guys like to see a Fresh Market at DC USA in Columbia Heights?

  • Sounds good to me!

  • Anonymous

    ANYTHING!!! Giant needs competition and target is not providing it.

    Some of my friends think a higher end/organic chain would not relieve the stress at giant, but I do. Or rather, I don’t think it could hurt.

  • I grew up in Cincinnati where there are a few Fresh Market locations. They carry a great assortment of food and they are always competitively priced (especially when compared to WF). I say they would be a great fit!

  • JS

    I spent a few years down south, where Fresh Markets are pretty common place and I have to agree that it would be a great addition to the area. They’re reasonable placed and feature a great assortment of fresh (duh) produce, meats, seafood and baked goods along with the usual grocery store staples. I’d shop there regularly if they came to DCUSA.

  • Pub

    Why the tease PoP? This is no scuttlebutt, no official word from the retailer that they are actively expanded into DC proper, no Grahamstanding. This is a fail. No news here.

    • CornholioDC

      Did you read the post? Comment fail.

  • Idaho Ave

    The Fresh Market in Spring Valley is a craphole. (if thats a fresh market). No better than the sh!tty Giant’s around town. UKROPS would be the best…sadly they sold out.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not a Fresh Market. That’s a Super Fresh (part of A&P). It’s also closing because A&P went bankrupt.

      • Anonymous

        superfresh closed July 8th and the Mrs Green’s corporation bought it and is now running it under the name Fresh Greens. completely different small NJ based chain.

      • X

        Superfresh in Spring Valley closed around July 4th, replaced by a store run by Mrs Green’s. The closest Fresh Market is in Annapolis and Vienna, but there is one coming soon to Rockville.

        • Idaho Ave

          ahh excellent. Thanks for clearing up the confusion!!!

          • Anonymous

            it’s still a craphole, whatever it’s called now

  • TR

    Fresh Market was my FAVORITE grocery store!!! They have one down in Newport News and it was the ONLY place we went for produce, seafood, and meat. I would be absolutely giddy if they came to DC USA!!!!

  • Max

    I also grew up in the south with a Fresh Market close by. They don’t market as aggressively as WF or Trader Joe’s, but I think they stack up in the quality department, and as others have mentioned they’re cheaper than the former (probably not cheaper than TJ’s, but better variety.)

    In particular they offer (at least they did at the store I’m thinking of) a great selection of bulk grains and coffee, something the Giant is lacking. Their pastries are also excellent.

    At our store there was always a coffee machine in the front offering a couple of their more exotic beans, with small cups for free samples. That’s where I learned to appreciate coffee.

  • Rachel

    Love Fresh Market. Had one growing up and it always had a nice neighborhood feel too it.

    I would absolutely support on coming to DCUSA.

  • Anonymous

    Someone start up the petition now! Stores really do seem to respond to customers wanting them in their Zip

  • HH

    I’m in on the petition! Sounds great!

  • JL

    You lost me at Tysons.

  • Most definitely. Yes Market is a little too Yuppie, but it’d be good to have an alternative.

  • Anonymous

    To whoever wrote the petition. Can you delete it and make it less anti-Giant and more pro-Fresh Market. I think that would play better. Start with the reasons we positively want a Fresh Market, then end with the competition/Giant issues.

    • Andy


  • MJ

    I’d rather see a co-op.

  • Susan

    I was up in Rockville for work the other day and I noticed that Wholefoods has closed its Congressional Plaza location, but it is being replaced by Fresh Market. The advertisements for the new place looked amazing. I would most certainly welcome Fresh Market into the neighbourhood

  • PetworthRes

    I used to work at a Fresh Market in high school, in Greensboro, NC…would love to have one near my neighborhood now. BUT – any signs that they are in any really urban neighborhoods anywhere? I just feel like they may have a suburbs-n-parking lots model more suited to Friendly Acres (my old Greensboro neighborhood) than Columbia Heights.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Ha, I lived in Greensboro from 1996 to 2002. Went to Fresh Market quite a few times. I forget which location, either Friendly or Lawndale. It’s been a while!

      • Max

        Haha my comment above about the Fresh Market I grew up near was a reference to the Greensboro one. Or maybe there were two? I’m thinking of the one in Quaker Village.

        Funny the places you run into Greensboro people.

        • Dan

          Was the QV one near Guilford? I recall going there when I was in high school with my sister trying to buy beer for their party the night before her graduation. Cashier hastled us pretty bad that I was under age. My sister yelled, “but he’s my little brother!” Said cashier relented and I got really drunk (was 17 IIRC). Fun times.
          Anyway, I would love to see a WF-esque store come to DCUSA.

  • RE

    Fresh Market would be great in the new building going up in the old Nehemiah Center location on 14th. If not that, a Trader Joe’s.

    • SSRS

      Living so close to that construction site, I totally second your suggestion!

  • Lamont St grrrl

    I spent a summer on the north side of Indy a few years ago and used to walk to Fresh Market — loved it!! Great products with a relaxed vibe – in a rather urban space. I would not say it was not expensive, though… I would certainly shop at it if they were at DCUSA.

  • JL

    Love the photo… anyone know where it’s from?

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody know if the new building being constructed at 14 and Belmont North West side will contain a grocery store? This type of place will be perfect… not a fan of YES.

  • RetailDC

    the city has been talking with The Fresh Market for over ten years. TFM is very conservative about the DC Market. Ultimatly they would like to be located in upper nw. They looked at DCUSA,Downtown and other emerging areas but have their eyes on locations west of the park.

  • Bitter Elitist

    There’s a Fresh Market in my old neighborhood back home. LOVE IT. But damn, it would be packed in CH.

  • Allison

    I have a friend in VA Beach who *LOVES* Fresh Market. I’d be really happy to see an alternative to elbowing my way through the throngs at Giant!! Fresh Market come heeeeeeeerrrrrre!


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