CM Tommy Wells Removed from his Chairmanship of the Committee on Public Works & Transportation

by Prince Of Petworth July 13, 2011 at 10:30 am 108 Comments

Photo by flickr user thisisbossi

Dear PoP,

I’m surprised you haven’t reported on this already.

I am infuriated by our current leaders’ corruption. Council Chair Kwame Brown is removing Councilman Tommy Wells from his Chairmanship of the Committee on Public Works & Transportation and the metro board. This sort of demotion is unprecedented in DC.

Tommy Wells has been outspoken in fighting for improved bike lanes in the Committee. He criticized DC’s DOT for potentially cancelling the L/M St bike lane plans recently–and asked why they’re prioritizing suburbanites over a transportation route for many DC residents. A leadership replacement would further delay any bike infrastructure plans.

Also, Tommy Wells’ committee reported on Brown’s leasing of two fully-loaded luxury SUVs this year ($24,000/yr for each one–we pay for them). It was Wells’ committee’s responsibility to investigate this. Did he really expect Wells to lie for him and try to hide it?

Either Kwame is worried my bike lane is too intrusive–he needs extra room to get down the road with his black-on-black SUV and the gray-on-gray at the same time. Or he’s sending a message to his Council–speak out against Kwame and his corruption and you’ll be stripped of your power.

The shameful acts just don’t end. Tommy needs to stay. Kwame needs to go.

Please let readers know they can contact DC Council Chairman Kwame Brown ([email protected]) and urge him to change his mind–or the rest of the City Council so they can tell him he’s gone too far.

Also, on L/M St bike lanes–Tommy Wells said that they may be cancelled.”


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