Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I was wondering whether you had any news on Zee’s on Florida and 6th. It has been closed for a few weeks now. Is it permanently closed or renovating while waiting for alcohol license or family holiday? Feel like they were pioneers in a corner that will soon (hopefully) boom.

Meanwhile the market next to the Ethiopian place now is called Smada market (new sign) and seems like they are doing some works on the interiors.

Do you have any news on progress of the pizza place you announced on block of T btw 8th and 7th?

Finally Shawn’s tavern continues to plug along but no way they be ready to open before a few months I think.”

I know Zee’s, 600 Florida Ave. NW, was closed for renovations – anyone else have more details on when they plan on reopening?

Smada Market looks like it’s gonna be a regular bodega. It’s located in the former Yellow House space on the 600 block of T Street, NW.

The pizza place coming to 717 T St, NW is still awaiting permits and inspections.

Shaw’s Tavern says they will open on July 1st at 520 Florida Avenue NW. But looking in the window last weekend makes me think the actual date is a bit further down the road:


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