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Dear PoP – 1st and N NW speed bumps part 3, sadly…

by Prince Of Petworth June 27, 2011 at 2:30 pm 70 Comments

“Dear PoP,

On Saturday I witnessed a disturbing scene, at 1st and N NW, where I’ve been writing about the need for speed bumps, or a four way stop, more enforcement of the school zone, etc…

A woman in a motorized wheelchair crossing in the cross-walk (which is lined, and marked with a school zone sign and a fluorescent ped x-ing sign), was just struck by the black SUV pictured. The SUV was going fast, and hit the woman and her chair hard.

Cops and ambulances came. Luckily the crowds at Dunbar for a track meet called 9-11 quickly.
The woman was in what looked and sounded like excruciating pain. She said the hot pavement was burning her, but no one was allowed to move her until the paramedics arrived.

I just want the commenters on the earlier blog posts to recognize that no one is being dramatic here.
I don’t want something to be done because it’s convenient for my dog and I. I see near-accidents every day, involving 6 year-olds.

People seem to think there is no real risk, and certainly not one that warrants inconveniencing drivers to any extent.

Is this real enough for you? Will you still respond, “Oh Please, calm down,” now?
Tell that to the lady who just got rocked by the Cadillac going 40mph.

Let’s just keep saying, “1st isn’t a side street, roads were invented for cars, and I’ll honk at every speed bump in protest,” until next week, when another person gets injured.”

We previously spoke about this intersection here and here.


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