Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – SW Waterfront

by Prince Of Petworth May 4, 2011 at 3:00 pm 21 Comments

This rental is located at 700 7th St, SW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED!!! (electric, gas, water/plumbing, AC, heat, etc, ect)

550 square feet
Large full kitchen (Appliances 2 x Years Old)
Full bath with tub
Walk-in closet
Hardwood Floor
Multiple washers & dryers per floor
Cable ready
Swimming pool
Weight room

2 Blocks from L’Enfant Plaza Metro [blue, orange, green, yellow] & 3 Blocks to Waterfront Metro
10 Minute Metro or 5 Minute Drive to GW Campus
2 Blocks to Safeway and CVS

More Photos here.”

$1350 sound right for this efficiency?

  • LCM

    Well I think marketing this rental to GW students is an odd choice…

    Also the kitchen doesn’t look terribly nice. But as it includes utilities and parking I think this is a decent deal.

    • pag

      There are a surprising amount of GW students living in SW… especially in the Waterside Towers. Mostly grad/med students it seems. It’s a quick walk/bike across the mall for a lot less $ than foggy bottom
      -SW resident

  • Anonymous

    This place looks suspiciously similar to an efficiency I visited in that area 7 years ago. It was only about $800 then and I still thought that was over-priced.

    • MsNesbitt

      I lived in a Jr 1BR on a much sketchier block in SW just last year and paid $1150 for it. By the time I moved out, the rent had upped by another hundred or so. The Waterside Towers is a nice, safe building with a lot of amenities, so I’d say the price is about right.

  • Tim

    Looks really nice for an efficiency and the location’s pretty good too. Can’t speak to the price appropriateness though, just to say that everything in this town’s so freakin expensive.

  • Flim Flam

    Wonder why they don’t furnish it and try to lease it as a corporate apartment. It’s a decent enough efficiency and it’s centrally located.They could get much more for it.

  • joker

    2 blocks from both Waterfront and L’enfant Plaza Metro stops?

    Google has that distance at .9 miles. Them some mighty “big” blocks

    • Anonymous

      Walk Score says .34 miles away and I just did the walk via Street View on google maps. It’s 2-3 blocks.

      Anyway, it is an ugly kitchen but looks fine otherwise. Given the free parking and utilities, it isn’t a bad deal.

      • joker

        Yeah, and .7 miles from L’Enfant. Point is, it can’t be two blocks away from both, as they are advertising.

        Then again, I haven’t seen one ad where the owner or realtor wasn’t bolf faced lying about something.

        • MsNesbitt

          It says 2 blocks from L’Enfant and 3 blocks from Waterfront. It’s possible.

  • J

    I’m about a block away, for reference. It seems slightly high. I pay $1500, including parking and utilities, and have a full 1br about 850 sqft. This seems a little nicer, though, so I wouldn’t call it exorbitant, but a little high. Maybe $1200-1250 would be closer?

  • whoa_now

    what is a good size efficiency and what is a good size 1 bdrm? when is a efficiency too small..and when is a 1bdrm really an efficiency?

    • Caroline

      I consider a 1-bedroom apartment to be one where the room is actually separate from the rest of the place and has four walls and a door.

      Below 350 feet is really small for a studio, in my opinion.

  • ess

    It’s on par with (or at least within $100 of) other efficiencies in the area. The kitchen is ugly. I looked at that building but a different unit…it really is close to the metros. Walking to the 7th & D entrance of L’Enfant takes about 5 minutes, and the 70 bus stops outside the apartment. It’s 3 blocks to Waterfront and Safeway in terms of streets you cross, but that’s because SW has superblocks. You walk from 7th to 6th to 4th, then from I to M.

    Note: I’m not the landlord; I was the person who got slammed for http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2011/04/fri-afternoon-rental-option-sw-waterfront-reader-request/ (which got a lot of interest and rented within a week for the asking price, so clearly wasn’t crazy).

  • Formerly of Capitol Hill

    Those are the ugliest kitchen cabinets I have ever seen, both other than that this doesn’t seem like a bad little place. I applaud the clever use of the large Ikea dresser (I have the same one) as a TV stand. I

  • Anonymous

    This is a nice location. It’s wonderful being so close to the water, you’ve got the new Safeway nearby, and it’s so easy to walk or bike to the Mall and Penn Quarter/Chinatown. And when the weather’s warm you can take the ferry to Georgetown. There used to be a lot of crime over here, but I think that’s gotten better.

    The price seems a little high for a studio. I’d quote what I used to pay for a house in this area, but I’m not sure it’s relvant since it was 7 blocks away and 3 years ago.

  • dc res

    it’s so ghetto over there. you can get a place in georgetown for about the same price

    • Anonymous

      Both those sentences are equally ridiculous.

      That area is actually not bad at all. If you get more towards S Cap, it gets sketchier, and there isn’t a whole lot to do, besides go to the grocery store, cantina marina, or boat, but it is not “ghetto” by any stretch. Areas off of the much beloved H St are so much closer to being “ghetto” than this, and I wouldn’t even degrade those areas with the term, as I think the neighborhood over there is great.

      If you can find a place like this in Georgetown for that price, go for it, my friend.

  • ogden

    I live in that area and pay less than $1050 for a place that looks nicer than that, is bigger, and has all the same amenities. I don’t pay for parking and I wouldn’t say that’s an amenity in this neighborhood. Street parking is plentiful and safe.

    so not a good deal, IMO.

    • Anonymous

      And you’ve lived there for 5+ years right?

  • Nicely decorated, but the space remains too smell. Rent is too much unless it comes furnished.


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