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Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Vernon Square

by Prince Of Petworth May 31, 2011 at 3:00 pm 26 Comments

This rental is located at First Street NW at New York Avenue NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“1 bedroom located in a 4 unit building. This unit has bamboo floors, a washer/dryer, a new central air system. The place is 7 blocks to Georgetown Law school. 3 blocks to the New York Avenue (red line) metro, 4 blocks to the convention center (yellow & Green line ) metros. It is also 10 blocks from capital hill. Parking is not a problem and the place is pet friendly. It is the second floor of the building. A dog friendly park is located across the street. Available immediately.”

$1400 sound right for this 1 bedroom?

  • textdoc

    If the floors are bamboo, why does the photo show carpeting?

    • Anonymous

      because in 2007 it was carpet.

      • textdoc

        Seems like it would behoove the landlord to have more recent photos.

  • Anonymous

    seems comparable to other things around there. i like the location, but others have spoken poorly of this hood, so that’s the big issue for who chooses to rent here.

  • anon

    Mt Vernon Square? Chinatown? COnvention Center?

    Seems kid of far from those locations to me. I mean, it’s not really THAT huge of a walking distance, but it’s 5+ long blocks along a not-so-awesome walk.

    I would call that neighborhood the less-sexy “Dunbar”.

    That said, price seems fair.

    • Anonymous

      the walk is not bad at all. i do it often. the problem is that you have to jaywalk near the firehouse and the police station, or walk along m and n to hit a legit crosswalk. silly design.

      the south side of the ny ave is an uglier and more dangerous walk. (more dangerous because of cars.)

    • Tres

      I like “Shaw Dunbar” too, but the long term residents still prefer “Unicorn Heights” due to the high population of mythic beasts. I’d been flirting with my neighbor for some time, before I realized that her fence hid her (literal) horse’s bottom half. Explained the unabashed toplessness.

      I think it’s good neighborhood, and police are stepping up their efforts around here. 3 blocks to Harris Teeter and red line is huge. Walk to Busboys and Poets. It’s not bad. I mean, there are def parts of CH or Petworth or H that give you as big a chance of being mugged. I think people tend to be wary of what they don’t know. Truxton will always be a little bit of a lesser known gem because the pop density is so low here.

  • BDale Res

    Listing make it sound 1,000 times better than it really is, that is for sure. That part of town is a cluster F on many different levels. Price is decent, if you want to put up with that immediate area…it is getting better though, but can only get “so” much better.

  • HouseInTheRear

    I’m surprised the ad didn’t mention the close-ish proximity to the new Harris Teeter and surrounding businesses at the NYAve metro. There’s some good stuff over there at 1st and M NE.

    • anon

      Good point. And, they’re much closer than the Convention Center.

  • Sully

    It was for rent a couple years ago. If it was the top unit with the best place for coffee balcony then yes.

  • Anon

    You would be living across NY Ave from Sursum Corda. I’d definitely want to hang out here a bit before signing on the dotted line.

    Seems like a reasonable price, but 1st and NY Ave appears to me to be rough. I havent spent much time there to really know, though. Not sure if you could find a 1br in any of the neighborhoods near there for that much – so the ‘hood may be accurately priced into $1400.

    • Anonymous

      the stats on crimemap for 1500 feet from the 100 block of ny av for the past year is staggeringly low.

      • Anon

        yeah, and I imagine all of the crime that does happen is down by big ben and over in sursum/other projects.

        Though, those hot spots are close enough i’d want to thoroughly investigate on my own before committing!

        • Anonymous

          big ben and tyler house are bad, but sursum corda is much better than it used to be.

  • Anonymous

    rough or not rough, who would want to live directly on a major thoroughfare (unless you needed that easy highway access)?

    • Anon

      A lot of people arent bothered by major streets. In the city, unless you live a significant amount off of these routes, you hear all of the loudest noises.

      In the greater neighborhood around this spot (mt vernon square, truxton, bates, bloomingdale, eckington, ledroit) there are few houses that are so far off a main street that emergency vehicles, motorcycles, and trucks are not heard.

      After a while all but the loudest of these noises fade into the background and living near such a major road does not interfere with your life at all.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I live on a major street, but the noise doesn’t bother me. I actually like that there’s a firehouse a block away and it’s convenient having so many buses that stop on my block.

  • Truxton Circle Resident

    Anyone know what the plans are for Tyler House? I know Sursum Corda is slated for redevelopment but Tyler House, which is privately owned, I cannot find information on.

    There is A LOT of redevelopment in this area because of NOMA, and a lot of crime left over from those two projects.

    It’s a good price and as long as someone does not mind a “transitional” neighborhood I’d say definitely worth it.

    NOMA today = Columbia Heights circa 2005.

    • Anonymous

      tyler house isn’t going anywhere.

    • mmm

      Owner of Tyler House was (at least, as of a couple years ago), thinking of converting to market rate. The Section 8 contract is up sometime in the next few years. If it happened, tenants would get vouchers and most would probably remain in place for a while. It is one scary building, inside and out.

  • Charles Jamal

    I have always looked longly at this house when I take my dog to the park across the street. Its a pretty huge house that has a fantastic balcony that overlooks said park, and in my dreams, Its all one unit.
    That being said, 1400 is a fair price. There is a building south of this one that is on the corner of 1st and New York, so no part of this 4 unit house faces New York. 1st street however, has become quite busy, especially right in front of this house, so expect lines of cars waiting at the stop light especially during rush hour.

    • Charles Jamal

      Also the distances are a little off. Those are 3 looooong blocks to the metro, and considering the convention center is on 7th, and this is on 1st, unless my math is wrong, there is no way that is 4 blocks.

      • Anonymous

        .5 miles to metro
        .57 miles to convention center.

  • eli

    This is Truxton Circle, FYI

  • Uncle Remus

    Price seems about right for the neighborhood and it is great to have so many amenities nearby. Economically, however, I think this neighborhood makes better sense to own then to rent. If I were in the market for a rental, I’d consider spending about $200 to 300/month more and live west of Rockcreek Park where the rents are only slightly higher but the quality of life is much much better.


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