Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Logan Circle

by Prince Of Petworth May 3, 2011 at 3:00 pm 67 Comments

This rental is located at 9 Logan Circle NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

We live in a gorgeous historic Brownstone on Logan Circle in a group home of five young professional women, and are looking for either one or two people to live in the master bedroom of our incredible house!

The room is the entire top floor, with a separate entrance via the fire escape, as well as an entrance through the rest of the house. It is quite simply… HUGE. We’ve had two girls sharing the space for the last few years, which has worked perfectly because it is essentially two rooms connected by open shelving, and both sides are approximately equal in space/size. There is a ridiculous walk-in closet with more hanging space than would ever be necessary, built in dressers and tons of storage space. The bathroom has two sinks, a tub (with jets) and a shower (with three shower heads). The room is carpeted and has cable access.

Rent is $1670 total for the room. The move in date is August 1.

Utilities usually run $50 per person once per month, which include all the basic utilities plus internet/premium cable and a cleaning service every once in a while.

The house has a large kitchen, a washer/dryer, a living room, a back deck, and an unfinished roof that we like to pretend is a finished roof.

About us- we’re in our mid-twenties, love to have fun on the weekends, but are usually pretty low key during the week… watching slightly-embarrassing television and cooking dinner. This is a group house, but because the layout of the house is very divided, there is a lot of privacy for everyone, and the top floor has more than enough room to be treated as a separate apartment in and of itself.

This house isn’t around Logan Circle… it’s on Logan Circle. Closer than imaginable to Whole Foods, VIDA gym, Logan Tavern, Studio Theatre, Starbucks and Caribou, and etc etc etc, and only a ten minute walk to the Red Line (Dupont Circle) or the Green/Yellow Line (Shaw/Howard) or the Orange/Blue Line (McPherson Sq). Two buses literally stop at our doorstep, one that goes directly to Georgetown and another that goes downtown. The 14th St. Corridor opens a new restaurant/bar every weekend it seems, U St. is only a few more blocks up and Metro Center and Chinatown are just a short walk away.

Our space is honestly unbelievable, because not only is it insanely large, but it has tons of character without sacrificing quality as often is the case in historic homes.

$1670 sound right for this arrangement in a mansion on Logan Cirlce?

  • Anonymous

    sounds awesome. if i could afford it, i would take this in a heartbeat.

  • Bubblegum

    That’s a lot of a shared space…I would rather find a studio/1br for $1600+.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the location might be great, but I’d rather get a nice studio/1 br instead for that amount of rent.

  • Meg

    I know that you’re paying for location in this, but seeing how it’s not exactly close to a metro station, I’m failing to see that this is a fair price for a room (large as it is).

    • djdc

      Damn. How close do you have to be to call it close? It’s a 10 minute walk to several stations.

    • P’worth

      I would say this is one of the few DC locations where metro access is outweighed by proximity to a lot of other great amenities. And it’s not exactly far.

      • Meg

        To what? A Whole Foods? I have that in Glover Park and I pay less for a whole 1 bedroom apartment, with parking.

        If I was going to pay $1670 a month for a room and a bathroom, I better be living on top of the metro station.

  • ceeps

    “separate entrance through fire escape”

    umm… what?

    • P’worth


  • Anonymous

    group houses rock! rock on!

  • John

    It’s big and location is good, but 1600 is still a lot for a group house, especially one that’s ~15 minutes walking distance from the closes metro.

    • Anonymous

      people are bizarre about this metro proximity issue. it’s a small city, you can walk, bike, roller blade, bus most places you want to go.

      • John

        It’s a peripheral issue, since I still think that 1600 on a *room* with so many other people in the apartment doesn’t make sense, but it wouldn’t be as bad if it was right above the metro stop as one would expect to have to pay more for that proximity.

      • Caroline

        I don’t care too much about metro proximity– I prefer the bus anyway– but it’s a known fact that being near a metro station drives up the price. The point people usually are making is, if you’re not living near a metro station and paying near-metro-station rent then something’s wrong.

        Also, it’s not just about metro access. The closer you are to a metro station, the closer you typically are to multiple bus routes, and restuarants/bars, and retail.

        • Park Viewer

          This neighborhood is plenty close to multiple bus routes (crosstown on P St. and up/downtown on 14th), and more restaurants and bars than you can count. A fancy grocery store and decent retail, if a bit expensive (but if you’re paying $1600 rent, you’re probably not wondering where your next meal is coming from).

          So yes, it’s not on top of a metro, but you have every service you might need AND you’re less than 3/4 of a mile from every metro line. If you can put up with shared kitchen, this is a good deal. If you can’t, go find your own apartment.

      • Jen


  • LCM

    $1600 to rent a room in a house shared with 5 other people… is this real life? Ahh!

  • Pennyworth

    HAHAHAHAH $1700 for a ROOM!?!?!?! #dead

  • joker

    $1600 for a group share bedroom? Why in the world would you do that when you can get some pretty swank 1 bedroom apts in Col Heights, Cleveland Park etc where you don’t have to share kitchens/common space and deal with other people?

    Nice house, but no…bad deal.

    • Swank Bank

      Pretty swank one-bedrooms in Columbia Heights are $2000 + utilities (for barely 600 sq ft), but point taken.

    • Anonymous

      joker, you don’t really ever sound like a people person, so your point is fine for that perspective. but others don’t necessarily see living with people as having to “deal with them”. some like the company of housemates.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a hell of a lot for one room. Them’s Manhattan prices… for Logan Circle? It’s not really that great a neighborhood unless you’re lucky enough to own one of those big old rowhouses yourself. Once you get beyond Whole Foods and dive bars, there really isn’t a lot there.

    • anonymous

      actually, it is a really great neighborhood. so great, in fact, that I rarely leave it despite my best intentions. but I will say that I include dupont and u st in my hood since I can walk to them in 10 minutes. still, great places to eat, shop, hang out… only thing we need is a movie theater.

      • jt$

        No doubt, best neighborhood in the city for mix of all things. I would also like more mid-price range food options.

    • Eckington

      Personally, I think Logan Circle is the best neighborhood in the city. Not saying you’re wrong, but I do think there are vastly different opinions on how good of a location Logan Circle is.

  • R

    No way someone should pay this for a group house.

  • Anonymous

    For two kids who are right out of college $835 a person sounds great!

    • Dan

      This is right on. I don’t know anyone that would pay $1600 for a room (even a large one) in a group house. But I know plenty of people that would jump at the chance to pay $835 for half a large room in a group house.

      • A

        Really? People older than the age of 22 are willing to share a bedroom (with someone they are not sleeping with)?

        • Anonymous

          yes. welcome to life. there are a lot of different kinds of people out there. be careful.

        • Caroline

          Also, from the description it sounds like you could easily divide the space into two rooms by putting up a curtain or folding screen along the open shelving. For $835 that’s not a terrible arrangement.

      • A

        I mean you can get your OWN room for $800-900 in CH/MtP/Petworth … are there people who need to be near ChurhKey and Cork that badly?

        • Anonymous

          yes, that must be the only reason people would live here. there are no other explanations.

  • expensive utilities.

    thats a lot of utilities…$300-$350 a month for Water/Electricity? Are they all taking 30 minute showers with the tv on all night?

    • Disagree

      Have you ever paid an electric bill in 100 degree DC heat with bullshit PEPCO jacked up rates for a massive house? Add $100-$120 for a decent cable/internet package with multiple DVRs (try getting 5 women to agree on anything) and I would think $300-$350 is low.

      I’m with people that think this place will be flooded with liberal arts college graduate women that would die to team up with one of their “besties” and split this $1670 spot right near P street in Logan which is starting to resemble M street in G-town more and more by the day.

      • expensive utilities.

        I wasn’t including Cable as that would be ~$200 by itself, as you pointed out, maybe even higher given 5 different DVR’s with on demand fees lol

  • bloom

    Sounds nice! 1670? Never for a group house.

  • Suspicious Mind

    NO WAY! A house already full of five women in their mid-twenties and they’re looking for one or two more? Yeah, their are web cams all over this house and the residents are unwitting participants.

  • EPF

    You’re 2 seconds from 14th street buses.

    • Anonymous

      What a selling point! Yes, you too can be 2 seconds from crammed buses that make you nostalgic for the orange line.

      But it is also 2 seconds from the circulator at least.

  • Anonymous

    I used to live right off of Logan Circle in a group house and the largest (top floor) room with private bathroom in the house went for about $1350 (and there was no way that it could be shared by two people who weren’t sharing a bed), so I can see 2 friends looking to save money sharing a gigantic room in a gigantic house for $1670. And $50/month for all your utilities, cable & internet included, is a great deal. Yes, you could get a one-bedroom somewhere for this price, but tack on the utilities, comcast, and the price starts creeping up. Plus, here you are getting decks and presumably a large kitchen and living space, so you are actually getting a lot more space for your money.

  • Caroline

    I would never subject myself to living with 5 other women. That house must be positively seething with cattiness and passive-agressiveness.

    • Anonymous

      it’s funny how much woman hate each other.

      • Anonymous

        Nearly everyone has some female roommate horror story, and I just can’t do it anymore. The last straw was the chick who talked the landlord out of returning my security deposit, and when I tried to talk to him about it she made all these crazy threats about how she was going to sue me for slander. I live with a girl now, but it’s someone I’ve been dating for years. I wouldn’t risk it with a stranger.

    • saf

      Wow, sexist stereotypes are alive and well here.

      • Caroline

        How can I be sexist if I’m also a girl? There are definitely some awesome women out there, but what are the odds that you’ll end up with 5 of them? I’ve lived with both men and women, and have yet to see a man leave a bitchy post-it note or complain because someone used the wine glasses for drinking water.

        • Anonymous

          you can be sexist and a girl. just like you can be sexist and a guy.

          • Anonymous

            Can a guy be sexist if he says he prefers to live with women since they’re neater?

        • anonymous

          worst. argument. ever. I’m assuming you’re just projecting because you’re catty and horrible to be around. take your lame misogyny elsewhere, por favor.

          • Caroline

            That’s an interesting assumption.

          • Anonymous

            As opposed to your nonexistent counterargument? How many group homes do you know with 4+ women?

          • Anonymous

            You, I’m assuming?

          • Anonymous


        • Rosie

          just because YOU might be catty and passive-aggressive doesn’t mean you should pass the stereotype on to all of us other women who are pleasant friendly people.

          • Anonymous

            Why do you think she’s catty? I don’t understand.

      • Anonymous

        You ladies DO realize you’re confirming the stereotype that women are uptight and overly sensitive? The comment was intended to be tongue-in-cheek.

        Anyway, I like group houses but would want some males in the mix.

    • P’worth

      Gross, stop it. I have lived with many many women over the years, and few to none of them are catty or passive-aggressive. If you don’t have anything nice to say…

  • MtP

    I’d love to live in the master bedroom of a house with 5 women, I would also like to call my roommates bunny’s and the house a mansion.

  • CB

    What is the going rate for studios and 1-bedrooms these days?

    • A

      All over the place depending on location, condition. In NW DC, most studios are less than $1600, most 1BRs are more.

  • Sherman

    Oh my. I want to buy this house so badly. Please please put it on the market some day, dear owner.

  • John

    Stereotypes exist because they’re basically true.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      It’s funny how a guy can get away with saying girls are difficult to live with (someone a few weeks ago made such a comment and no one batted an eye), but heaven forbid a girl makes a similar observation.

  • tj

    I sublet a room in this house in the summer of 2005. I got a great deal b.c (1) that was 6 years ago and (2) the landlord was supposedly kicking everyone out to subdivide the house into condos. Guess the latter didn’t happen. The place has a great deck and lots of character.


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