The 5pm Post – Friday Evening Concerts at the Yards Park

by Prince Of Petworth May 12, 2011 at 5:00 pm 10 Comments

Yards Park

From an email:

FRIDAY Evening Concerts at the Yards Park

6-8 pm
At the Yards Park – boardwalk stage
Kelly Bell Band – phat blues
Devine Foods – variety of food options for sale
Kids Zone
Beer/Sangria Garden by Mie N Yu and Stella

Direction can be found here. More photos here.

  • Anonymous

    I went to the Yards Park a few weekends ago and discovered this hidden gem. The grounds are well manicured, beautiful landscaping, plentiful benches/ lounge chairs for seating. There is even a decent sized gated dog run. (My one complaint is that could really use a snack bar or food option right on site, but perhaps that will come in time). Its a shame that it doesn’t seem to be getting much foot traffic, but hopefully with the warm weather here and free events like the one above, word will start to get out.

  • anon

    From Google Maps, it looks like it’s surrounded by parking lots or gov buildings for as far as the eye can see. Does anyone live in walking distance to the place? No wonder it’s deserted.

    • 8th Street SE

      There are several luxury condo buildings and the EYA Townhomes just north of M, and blocks of old rowhomes west of South Capitol. But the area does have more of a commercial than a residential feel, and it’s pretty dead on the weekends and at night. And if you’re in the area (for a baseball game or whatever) the park’s not exactly something you’d stumble upon. Even if you’re specifically looking for the park it’s somewhat confusing.

      I live over by Eastern Market and the park’s location is the biggest reason I don’t go regularly. But it’s convenient enough for us Hill residents to get to these events– it’s only a 10-minute drive or Circulator ride away.

      Here’s hoping the weather clears up tonight; I was really looking forward to heading over there with a picnic to enjoy some blues!

  • 17thSter

    People do live within walking distance if they live in Navy Yard. I agree that it is a really nice park.

    • anon

      So if it’s not the park, maybe it’s the people who are the problem!

  • anon

    been there, it’s upscale on the surface but lacks the basics like a playground for kids. basically it seems like a ready made venue for events. looking forward to a summer full of free live music and this place is good for that, just don’t look too closely at the potomac…

    • Anon 2

      It’s the Anacostia river, but yeah, same idea.

  • Richko

    (asked this previously re: Yards Park post, but too late for anyone to see it, so trying again:)

    Anyone reading this live in Velocity condos? Pretty close to Yards Park, right? I’m thinking about buying there… this park makes the prospect of that a bit brighter (not to mention a Whole Foods just 2 blocks away, if they get the tax break). How do you like the place? Any issues with the building?

    • C

      Personally I think the condos in this area are overpriced. I saw some when I was looking for rentals (not sure if it was in the Velocity or not but I think they’re basically all the same) and it was very small with cheap finishes. As others have noted the area is pretty dead at night and there was still a lot of crime when I moved out of the area in 2008. Though it has gottn a little better…

    • C

      Also I’m pretty sure the Whole Foods thing is not happening now.


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