• I’d say 1973 or ’74?

  • ontarioroader

    Agreed – I’d guess ’73. Grilles looked different before that, and body-style changed after that.

  • Emil

    its police week btw

  • caballero

    Give me one week with that car, and I will have more fun than I had in four years of college.

  • Anonymous

    Photog here, my guess is 1972 Ford Galaxie.

    • caballero

      Is that on the 4300 or 4400 block of Kansas Ave.?

      • M

        Yes, it is! I love that apartment building the car is parked in front of. It’s so incongruous in the neighborhood (sort of mid-century modern looking) and the clerestory stairways and original light fixtures are really cool.

    • ontarioroader

      ’72 Galaxie had smaller, more rectangular sections that made up the grille pattern. Most Police departments at that time used LTD’s or more frequently “Custom 500’s” – the Galaxie was pretty much just for civilian use.

  • Anonny

    Last week I was looking at some of the flickr photos from the 1991 Mt Pleasant riots, and saw this gem:


    Who knew that MPD drove wood paneled station wagons?

  • Cockster

    So is a “civilian” allowed to drive around in a retired police car? Or is this just an attempt by the police department to save some money by un-moth-balling old rides? :p

    • ro

      yes. It’s perfectly legal. plenty of collectors have fully restored or replica police vehicles. That’s not to say the cops won’t pull you over. most of cops are surprisingly ignorant of the law. But as long as you’re not running the siren and pulling people over or otherwise deliberately trying to pass yourself off as an officer, then there is nothing the cops can do to you (legally).

  • B

    There were two of these types of cars parked outside Judiciary Square yesterday 5/11. The other was white. I am guessing it had something to do with police week.

  • B

    “It’s got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it’s got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks.” – Elwood

    My family had a ’72 Ford Galaxie 500 in gold. 25′ long if I remember correctly.

    • 14th St Heights

      My family bought a Ford Galaxy 500 in 1967 (?). I remember as a six or seven year thinking the steering wheel was really cool. That car was kind of a bronzy color.

    • ProfChris

      I was about to say, Elwood would be proud of this.

  • Jake

    Great car! I picked one up at the Mount Prospect City police auction last spring. It’s an old Mount Prospect police car. They were practically giving them away.

  • Jeff

    It may very well belong to the Capitol Police, as well. Like fire departments, police departments often maintain historic fleets, that are used in parades and other promotional events.

  • Anonymous

    Photog here, it had federal license plates and stickers looked up to date and legal, so likely still an active car with the force. Pretty cool! RCMP?

  • Pokerface

    Cornering lamps…. I forgot about those. That was so shee-shee back then!


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