• Bdale Res

    Now they just need a sign!

  • Bloomingdalian

    Yeah – what up with that?

  • Anon

    Its exclusive.

  • anon

    Yea! The food is fantastic but the acoustics inside are horrific. It’ll be quieter by the road.

    • Tres

      +1 for food

  • stacy

    Not sure I’ll be coming back here, as the bartender on Saturday night kicked us out while we still had half beers because “it was his birthday and he’s trying to get out of here.” This is right after he had just called last call a few minutes before and kindly offered to refill our rounds before turning into an asshole. The restaurant was also quite full. If he hadn’t already picked up my check I would have taken back the tip. Being an asshole, even on your birthday, is never acceptable.

    • Anon

      Stacy, I’ve never experienced rudeness from the staff. Perhaps you should call and ask to speak with the owner about your experience. He is very nice and I am sure will address them.

      However, having been in your shoes numerous times, are you sure that your concept of time and manners were not out of whack due to the late hour/amount consumed? Its happened to me more times than I can count.

  • Lauren

    Yeah Stacy, you were probably just out of whack, you raging alcoholic, you.

  • stacy

    Anon 1:44:
    The Mosely/Pacquiao fight had just ended, and he offered myself and the other two in my party another round b/c he was calling last call in a few minutes. We came from a dinner party and wanted a night cap at our neighborhood bar. A lot of people in there were being rowdy and loud because of the fight, so I don’t really think that we were being targeted for being obnoxious, and we weren’t even paying attention to anyone else, we were speaking amongst ourselves at the end of the bar near the oven. The place was full, I had already paid my tab, and we were halfway done with our drinks. His personality changed in an instant and he began to just get really rude with us about hurrying up and leaving, began mouthing off, and said he has places he needs to be, and it’s his birthday, and if we don’t get out he’s going to kick us out. Meanwhile the owner was standing behind the bartender, mouth agape, and there was a bar full of his friends with full beers. He also said we couldn’t finish our beers. We were shocked. Needless to say, I was disgusted and pissed that I not only spent $50, but I also tipped him really well. As soon as he snatched up the bill his demeanor changed. And not because of the tip, I work in the industry and I know what’s up. I’ve been a couple times before and have had very polite service, including a nice conversation with the owner, but this was just crazy. I might go back, because I don’t want to let one ass clown get to me like that, but I will have something to say to both of them if I see them the next time I go in. And that’s a big IF I go in.

    Can’t wait for Boundry Stone to open up.

  • I love Rustik, it is so close to where I work I go there for happy hour at least once a week and with this loveley outdoor seating I will have to frequent even more. Definitely an exclusive place, I love that it does not have a sign.

  • ggators

    Geez, even their website has attitude. On the main page if you click any of the links, you know, to look at the menu, you get a page with the response: “There is no such page.. Nice try though.” I wont be coming to your restaurant…nice try though.

    • Anon

      Geez, clearly their website is down or messed up. So you dont go to a restaurant if you dont like the website?

      • ggators

        I was referring to the attitude, not the fact that the site isnt working. Please reread the first sentence in the original comment. It is completely unecessary to say “Nice try though.” If it simply said “There is no such page” I wouldnt have thought twice, but the fact they felt the need to throw in the obnoxious remark “Nice try though” shows me a lot about the restaurant. That’s all I was saying.

        • Anon

          You are a very sensitive person.

          • No dog in this fight

            No, s/he’s actually not “sensitive.” I too would find that response totally off-putting. And in a city with 1000 options, why would I go somewhere even marginally obnoxious?

          • Anon

            Wow. You’re really sensitive too. Sorry a website made you cry.

          • Chris

            You guys are a little ridiculous with your misdirected emotions. I think this place is amazing (though I would love an expanded menu! ) and the owner has truly busted his ass for the community. Can’t wait to swing by there when we get back from our trip!

          • Anonymous

            it just seems like 2 or 3 people put off by an attempt at humor on a website. and 1 person put off by a bartenders attitude. whatever. most people that go to this place know how friendly it really is. that the owner didn’t just let it slide, but offered to make amends illustrates this.

    • New

      I think you are taking the website way too seriously. Rustik is one of the friendliest bars you will ever go to.

      As for Stacy’s comment, if you have worked in the industry you know one of the most awkward things is asking people to leave at the end of the night. Clearly this interaction didn’t go well. Who knows what the other person’s perspective is. I would recommend giving the place another shot and having a conversation with the owner.

    • spiderman

      restaurant with an attitude?
      omg i can’t believe it’s possible in the bland village of washington dc :)

      if anything, its funny.
      website seems to be up though

    • Anonymous


      Total douche bag post after Rustik’s post apologizing to Stacy.

      • Anonymous

        Referring to ggator’s post.

  • Ally

    Can’t wait to visit and check out the new patio. The food is top notch and I’ve experienced nothing but hospitable service. Thanks Rustik, for giving us in Bloomingdale a great neighborhood gathering place!

  • Anonymous

    i’ve only had great experiences at rustik. i’m glad the patio is open!

  • on 5

    great news for the neighborhood. these are pretty exciting times now with beau thai’s booze license coming through and red toque finally getting it’s signage. boundary stone should be a fun addition.

    ps- rustik’s food & drink menu is stellar. the courtesy popcorn (more please?) brings fond memories of my western massachusetts dive bar. hooray for more seating.

  • eastof9

    Rustik is downright awesome, and my “go-to” spot for a beer and pizza. I’ve been there many times, and the bartenders are friendly, the beer is great, and the food is wonderful. Recommend!! (And I’m not sure why one person felt a need to complain all over this thread instead of talking to the owner directly. Whatever.)


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