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  • Anony

    I’ve never tried either but the word on the street is that the best German pasteries around at at the Heidelberg Bakery in Arlington, http://www.heidelbergbakery.com/

    Please someone correct my uninformed, pastry-loving self though.

    Ever since moving to DC, I’ve longed for ethnic European neighborhoods. Realizing DC just doesn’t have a German, Polish, Russian, Italian, etc. neighborhood, a few great diamonds in the rough like a great pastry shop or sausage maker would infinitely improve my view of this city.

    • Divine

      I can’t speak to their German pastries, but Heidelburg supplied the cakes for my wedding last year, and they were deeelicious.

      Also, I went during the open bakery tour once and had one of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had in my life.

      • CheeseTriangle

        Heidelburg has THE BEST M&M cookies, excellent (but expensive…unless you manage to get some end-of-the-day 50% off ones) petit fours, great breads, and they make sandwiches and sell candies by the pound. LOVE LOVE LOVE them and always try to swing by when I’m in N Arlington.

  • Anonymous

    Yes indeed, as a polish guy from Texas whose cousins actually make their own pecan-wood-smoked kielbasa for their general store, I’d say we need a local supplier for sure. I have my mom bring 20 pounds in her suitcase when she visits, as well as pecan wood chips for my bbq (TSA must love that)!

  • hhh

    good poppy seed roll and linzer cookies.

  • Anonymous

    My office used to be around the corner. I sampled very little of what the bakery offered, but I was hooked on the chicken salad sandwich for lunch. It was monstrous in size and, for something like $5, my runaway winner for best value lunch in the area. A fine sandwich.

  • Carrie

    Cafe Mozart’s Chocolate Truffle Cake is AMAZING. It’s the only thing I’ve had from there, but I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to try other baked goods!

  • Hunter Moore

    I was there once when they received a delivery from Clement’s Bakery. Clement’s used to be on F Street, NW. Now they are in Hyattsville, and I think they only do wholesale. Clement’s was great back in the day.

  • Anonymous

    As another person who used to work around the corner, they have an awesome happy hour with fantastic German beer. Some days there was even a woman with an accordion and the bartender is a personality and a half.

  • need more kielbasa

    lol Polish Texan…I pack my bags with frozen kielbasa every time I return from visiting family in Chicago.


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