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  • H Street Landlord

    Quite nice!

  • Beautiful place. ^ ^

  • Anonymous

    Nice. Hopefully more tables and chairs are on the way

  • Really cute and a lot of character. Have to check it out.

  • Anonymous

    I wish they would plant a tree back there in a corner. It would be really nice in a couple years to have some natural shade. I wish more restaurants and bars with outdoor seating would consider this option.

  • caballero

    Looks nice. If they can provide some good shade, it will be even better. I like Qualia, and I buy my beans there, but I rarely sit down there because the space is limited. Maybe I’ll spend more time there now.

    Will this interfere with the Bike House?

  • anon

    awesome! looks great. also wondering if bike house will still be there on saturdays…

    • RM

      I was at the Bike House last Saturday and, from all the conversations I had there, this shouldn’t impact their Saturday activities.

  • Anonymous

    This is beautiful! I’m definitely going to spend more time here this summer!

  • Anon

    Looks good to me, wish more places kept their spaces so simple.

  • GreenRoofGoddess

    How is their espresso? I’m a Counter Culture fan, but can’t stand the attitude at the Big Bear cafe.

    • Anon

      So true.

  • Thom

    But will the bike house folks be cramped with all the furniture?


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