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  • Michael

    Where’s the poker game?

    • caballero

      This is really good.

    • FH

      This is really the best one.

  • J.

    Metro police made a desperate attempt at rounding up suspects in response to their lasted case….

  • Said

    Florence lied. The dog days are NOT over!

    • Anonymous


  • Twee

    Who are you looking at, this is our corner.

  • Club Get Right

    Another victory lap speech by Bo Obama following his termination of Iams bin Milkbone

    • Jon


  • Reggie

    duck, duck, duck, goose!

  • Cheese

    “I can’t tell, they all look like Dominique Strauss-Kahn to me.”

    • coopersmama


    • Native American JD

      (in a french accent) – ohh-ohh!

  • Jessica

    “Man, Next Bus never works! Do you see one coming?”

  • MIke

    Man, this neighborhood really needs more fire hydrants.

    • joan


  • andy

    And they left it in a bag on his doorstep?

    No officer, wasn’t us. We’ve been here all day, honest.

    • 14th St Heights

      Love this.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely the winner. I actually did laugh out loud.

  • Collin

    That’s him officer! The perp is second from the right. He’s the one who urinated in public.

    • me

      I was thinking something similar. :)

    • me

      Or- “Yes, officer, it was #3! He’s the one that did his business on my Aunt’s grave at the Rock Creek Cemetary!”

      • 99vmi

        haha where is Frankie James.

    • caballero

      Of course it was the little guy. Your eyes are just drawn toward him.

  • Anonymous


    I got nothing … but you’re right … and AWESOME pic!

  • Native American JD

    It was only May and the dog days of summer are already upon us.


    Can you dial DCRA for us, our unlicensed landlord’s English basement had fleas.

  • 99vmi

    We heard about the cookout. Just hand over the hotdogs, don’t worry about the buns.

  • 99vmi

    Damn! Look at that bitch walking by, she is fine! Ok, play it cool guys.

  • Mull

    Who farted?

    • houseintherear


  • Anne

    Round-up the usual suspects!

  • Julesonprinceton

    Casting call for a newreality TV series on Animal Planet, Dogfellas.

    • Julesonprinceton

      new reality

  • Rosie

    Your Mom didn’t teach you not to stare at little dogs?

  • The Neighbor

    Dog on left: “Damn, how can we be a vicious pack if fluffy always wears that heart coat”?

    • Jen H.

      Love it!!!

    • 1314


  • Rosie

    Size does NOT always matter, I swear!

  • warning

    Where’s the cemetery? We have some graves to desecrate.

  • Anonymous

    Muttside Mafia: Left to right: “Big Joe”, “Meathead”, “Stinky” & “Curly”. If you see them do not take action.

  • cdc

    we tag the natural way.

  • CapitolG

    The Four Dogsmen of the APOOPcalypse. It’s a sign, May21st.

  • Anonymous

    DC’s residents hold a street protest to raise awareness of discriminatory leash laws.

  • saf

    Look carefully sir. Do you see the dog that bit you?

  • Bloom Res

    My daughter’s friends from school, well behaved, but I worry about her development.

  • Ruby

    Photo of the City Council of the District of Columbia at a recent public hearing. Pictured from left: Jim Graham, Tommy Wells, David Catania and Kwame Brown.

    • warning

      You give Kwame too much credit. Or better put, I think that’s an insult to that dog’s intelligence.

  • Michelle

    One of these things is not like the others….

  • MtP

    Dog 1: “check out the sweet buns on that babe…”

    Dog 2: “sexy mama… aaooohhhhh”

    Dog 4: “I like how she wags her tail!”

    Dog 3: “you want to work for me? do you speak spanish?”

  • lemon

    Dear PoP,

    I have been having a lot of trouble with a rowdy group hanging out on my front lawn. Their activities include smelling things, leaving deuces on my lawn, really loud verbal confrontation, and general ruckusness. I’ve tried calling the police and reasoning with them. Nothing seems to work! What should I do?

  • mel

    The homeowners rounded up this lot of woebegone mutts to solve the mystery of the hot pile of stinking poop, which the barefoot toddler stepped into yesterday morning. Brutus (third from the left) said in a thick New York accent: “Keyser Söze walked up the steps, copped a squat, and dropped a deuce on your doorstep, chief. Now go f–k yourself and let me get back to licking my balls.”

  • JT

    Team of Rivals

  • So you got all four of us to sit…now what?

  • lolo

    Posted up waiting for the “Bitches”…

  • BF

    Bo Obama – keepin it real.

  • “Bo Obama, accompanied by other Canine Cabinet members, watches a live feed of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s doghouse”

  • kardinal

    Pictured: 2012 mock up for the proposed “DC DogShare” program.

  • PG

    Who let us out?
    Who, who, who, who, who?

  • Austin DC

    One of us, one of us. Gooble gobble, Gooble gobble.

  • SH

    Where’d Milo and Otis go…I think we’re lost.

  • Anon

    These are great !!!

  • Lolly716

    The PoP readership holds a sit-in for more dog parks.

  • Kamantha

    Ok where’s our treats?

  • Kailey W.

    Patiently waiting and wondering why they have yet to make it on to PoP’s “Your Afternoon Animal Fix.” Lefty’s really taking it personally.

    • Said

      Dig it!

  • Sully


  • DCRealist

    With their weekly poker game on hiatus while the table is re-felted, the gang decided to hang out in front of “that guy’s” house for awhile – barking, crapping in the yard and shooting dice until he called the cops.

  • Clarissa

    The normal rowdy group hanging out, selling & smoking pot, and throwing empty deuces on the lawn…

  • jt

    “Yup.” “Yup.” “Yup.” “Yup.” (for you King of the Hill fans out there)

  • “this party sucks.”

  • Seriouswon

    Psst! Hey Duke… look at that dog on the end… he must be metrosexual with all those curls….

  • ET

    I didn’t do it. It was the guy next to me.

    (this looks like the poster from All the Usual Suspects)

  • Dupont’s newly formed canine ANC meet to discuss overcrowding at the 17th and S street dog park.

  • 10th and Monroe

    Bo Obama’s secret service agents seem to be confused by the “surround” and “protect” commands.

  • dcdude

    We demand to see this black guy’s breed certificate!

  • MB

    What time did you say the Porta Trees were supposed to arrive?

  • glendog

    so guys, have you heard the one about the shitzu and the great dane?

  • KingofBongo

    I quadruple dog dare you!

    • LisaT


  • Frenchie

    “Look guys, I don’t want to have to call the authorities, but this is getting ridiculous! You’re barking at all hours of the night, leaving crap all over my lawn… and no matter how far I throw the ball, you always come back!”

  • Tim

    Court Malloy commented “There goes the neighborhood.”

  • Go with the perm. Trust. Curly fur is totally in this summer.


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