• so twelve years ago

    couldn’t get much worse…or could it! if an actual architect designed 2212: take his/her ability to practice away! if a developer/ contractor/ self proclaimed designer drew that up: don’t make the same mistake twice! it’s hideous_

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t call it hideous. I actually like it a lot. I imagine the units are small inside (I have no idea really), but judging just from the exterior, I am a fan.

  • Larchie

    In this case, “compatible” architecture would mean the new facade would show the score, lines, and next piece.

    • Anonymous

      what do those words mean?

      • Larchie

        The left building looks like a Tetris piece to me. The new building on the right would be the other half of a Tetris screen.

  • Anon

    A friend of mine has called the 2100 block of 11th St NW an “architectural petting zoo” because of the horrible hodge-podge of “styles” of buildings created over the past decade. Looks like the 2200 block will replicate it during this decade.

    • mark

      That’s a funny thing to call it; but I was going to say that Mrs. Mark and I love to drive down this block (and the one below it), for exactly the same reason. I say that as a person who dislikes almost all of the contemporary rowhouses I see in this city.

      But, when to you get right down to it, what’s not to like about a petting zoo?

  • It’s the same developer as the new one next door- he bought the neighboring property as he was working on the adjacent one.


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