Mova “Upscale Martini Lounge” Coming to Old Bicycle Space Location at

by Prince Of Petworth May 23, 2011 at 10:42 pm 29 Comments

Thanks to an eagle eyed reader for sending word about this development. 2204 14th St, NW used to be the home of Bicycle Stations which closed back in Feb. and moved to Alexandria. Now the space will become Mova, and “Upscale Martini Lounge”. The reader writes,

“This went up today in the old Bikestations spot at 14 and W. More small plates on 14th St; shockkkkking!”

The alcohol application says:

“Upscale Martini Lounge (Tavern) serving tapas style menu with seating capacity for 50 and a total load of 199. Request a summer garden with 50 seats and entertainment endorsement with occasional DJ or live singers or small band.”

Sound good?

  • Ace in DC

    Sounds awesome. This area is filling in nicely and will keep the lively 14 and u corridor moving up 14 th st. A couple new condos, a new YMCA, a martial arts studio, a Martini lounge, a sliding glass door company – what more could a nice young yuppie like me want? Trader Joes. Please, please, please. Put one in the new building going into the old nemiah shopping center or DCUSA. Please.

  • Anonymous

    Iam glad that MOVA is reopening in this location, it shows that the gay & lesbian community is not afraid to venture to other parts of the city. I mean after all, most of the straights follow the gays anyways. we are always fixing up the city and they will follow right after us. Anyways glad for the reopening. I liked it when it was on P st. across from Wholefoods and I will be happy with this location. not to mention the location in Miami Beach.

    • Logan

      There are tons of gay boys hanging out on U Street already. Nellies, Dickson, Duplex, all over. The great thing about DC being so open is that gays can hang out anywhere and not have to be in a gay bar. We got it good here. Thanks to DC for being such a supportive city!!

    • Scoot

      This new Mova is still comfortably in the U St neighborhood, a half-mile in any direction from at least 5 other gay bars…. but to its credit, will probably encourage at least one bar owner to take the first step to opening up a gay bar in Columbia Heights (Wonderland Ballroom does not count).

  • Anonymous

    $mall plates=high price and leave hungry! I’m over it!

    • Shaw Res


  • giacomo

    is this seriously MOVA again? As in Halo from P Street?

    • Scoot

      I believe that it is — there was an article in the Blade back from the summer of 2010 suggesting that the owner of MOVA could not maintain the exorbitantly high $25,000/month rent at the P St location. There were also some unresolved tax payment issues and lawsuits which may have been resolved by now or settled out of court.

  • anonymous

    why did it move from P st in the first place if it didn’t go out of business?

    • Anonymouse

      The building Mova/Halo was in is owned by the drag queen Lena Lett who performs at Town. “She” didn’t renew Mova’s lease. Instead, she struck a deal w/ the owners of Town who now also own Number 9 which is in Mova’s old space.

  • spookiness

    The headline threw me because there is actually a place called “Bicycle SPACE”, http://www.bicyclespacewdc.com .

    • elcal

      yeah, the Lord should edit the headline to read “Bicycle Stations.”

  • Anon

    What goes on behind the dark curtains at the Youth Academy next door?

    • Anon

      They often leave the backdoor facing the alley open. It looks like an old school gym in there, with a boxing ring where kids (adults, too) spar.

      • Anon

        So a gay-esque martini bar will be next door to a boxing ring? Seems like there could be some cross-fertilization going on… good and bad.

  • Alex

    we need another small plate martini lounge in this city like i need another hole in my head!

  • C Money

    I’m glad that a bar/restaurant is coming to this space, since it makes my walk home that much safer to have more foot traffic around at night. But really, a high-end martini bar with tapas??? Not what I, or any of my friends in the neighborhood, were hoping for.

    To any entrepreneur out there, we’re ACHING for a bakery in this neighborhood (a real bakery, with fresh bread and good muffins, etc. not just (cup)cakes).

    And I am also keeping the hope alive for a Trader Joe’s to come into the old Nehemiah shopping center. We need PoP to go out and get some pictures of that hole when he gets back… it’s ginormous!

    • Logan

      Try Paul Bakery in Penn Quarter and if you like it, post a review on Yelp for them. They are fresh to the USA from Paris and have made DC their headquarters. They have great baked goods, nothing at all like an American bakery with sugary sweet crap. They are opening another spot in Gtown and are looking for some other hoods to go into. I hear Logan might be on their radar. Post some comments and encourage them!!

  • Wow, thanks for the notice! We’re still here at 459 I St NW though. :)

  • Dan

    I’m skeptical of any bar that bills itself as an “Upscale Martini Lounge.” Sounds like bad techno, $9 Heinekens, and horrid vodka appletinis to me.

    • Masked Avenger


      Question – what is an “upscale martini”?

  • Anonymous

    Could we get an edit on the headline? The company name is wrong and there is no address.

  • anonymous

    will it be black downstairs, white upstairs, like the old one?

    • Anon

      OMG, you’re totally racist!

      • anonymous

        well, that’s how the old one was! i didn’t hang out there because that whole vibe was awkward and awful. but that’s how it was.

        • anon

          Not really…I found that people mingled and mixed on both levels. Friday nights just happened to be very popular with black men so the bar appeared to be mostly black and the few white boys kind of stood out more. They say the same thing about Mr. Black’s bar in NY. People just need to mingle more and stop perpetuating urban myths.

          • Anonymous

            I think the poster is referring to the Fridays where it was “invite only” upstairs where you had to be on the guest list to get into the upstairs “party”. This seemed to segregate the 2 floors.

  • NoVaDJ

    I used to be the VJ for Showtunes on Sundays at MOVA and everyone has been asking me when it’s coming back…I hope they don’t forget me…sigh

  • Kevin

    A block from my house. I’m glad this block will get another establishment to promote some more foot traffic. Judy’s and Dynasty are good to have, but not that busy.


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