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Judging Restaurants – Bistro 18

by Prince Of Petworth May 18, 2011 at 12:00 pm 19 Comments

Bistro 18 recently opened up in Adams Morgan at 2420 18th Street NW. Their Web site says:

Nestled in the middle of Adams Morgan, Bistro 18; the meeting place of the eaters, loungers and artists. From a perfectly grilled fillet to our Quinoa pilaf with asparagus and Portobello mushroom to our cranberry walnut French toast served on the weekend brunch. At any time of day, we are your neighborhood eatery. Our bar and lounge area with five flat screen TVs can peak the interests of any sports enthusiasts or news junkies. If you’re a connoisseur of the arts, you can check out over fifty feet of art exhibits from local artists. For those that are in need of a mid day break stop by for a C & C; a freshly brewed cappuccino and gourmet cup cake!

You can see their menus here.

Anyone check them out yet? Another good brunch option?

  • Anonymous

    I like the idea. Something about either the menu or the inside or both just seems kind of generic (though welcome attempts to classy-fy the neighborhood). Haven’t ever seen it busy, so I expect the comment count to be low on this one. Will try it soon.

  • Isa

    I tried it, the food is excellent and the waiters are friendly. But yeah the decor is blah. Another thing, when I went they did not have their liquor license yet, which was a little disappointing since we were there to celebrate a Bday. But hopefully, this is not the case anymore…

  • Johnny

    I liked this place. It is very bright and airy inside. The food was good but they have some kinks to work out. Service was friendly. It def feels out of place in adams morgan. Very plain but I liked it for that.

  • Anonymous

    They need to get rid of the office building-like drop ceilings. Put some tin in instead, or even the industrial look would be preferable.

    • Anonymous

      office chic is so in.

  • Anonymous

    This is why Constantine will always win with his businesses. He gets aesthetics!

    The whole business plan is right there across the street, (twice!)and these people still threw together the home depot equivalent of a commercial flip… amazing.

    • Johnny

      See that’s why I liked it. Why should every place in DC look the same? Should they all have the hipster asthetic? I actualy like how unhip this place is. For a second I zoned out and when I came to I thought I was meeting my grandmother in Florida for brunch somewhere. DC needs variety. Been to one Constantine place been to them all.

      • Anonymous

        Liking un-hip is the ultimate expression of hipster! If variety =s crap I’ll keep the monotony of tin ceilings and tile floors thank you.

        • Anonymous

          what if you like things that are unhip but don’t know that they are unhip?

          • Anonymous

            this scenario has all the markings of a great Shakespeare play

  • TR

    The decor is horrible. Not inviting at all. Only Komi can get away with the “austere, I not really trying” look. I have heard From more than one person that they looked inside and kept walking.

  • MK

    Had brunch there a few weeks ago. I had quiche and my friend had eggs benedict. The food was very meh and took nearly 45 minutes to come out. They claimed that it takes a really long time to make the quiche, but that still doesn’t explain why the eggs benedict were cold and the hollandaise already hardening. Also, since they didn’t have their liquor license yet I ordered a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, which was very clearly straight from a carton when it arrived. I mentioned the fact that the orange juice wasn’t fresh-squeezed and got some shrugged shoulders. So it goes; I drank it anyway.

    We gave them honest feedback at the end of our meal, which they asked for. I thought they might at least comp me for my OJ, but no such luck.

    I understand kinks, but this was honestly one of the worst dining experiences I’ve had in DC and would absolutely not recommend this place, nor will I be returning.

    • Anonymous

      do you realize how few places actually fresh squeeze their own OJ?

      • ess

        and that’s fine–but they shouldn’t put “fresh squeezed” on the menu.

    • urbanbluegrass

      It wasn’t just from a carton it was from Sunny D!! I had brunch there with a few friends a couple weeks ago and did the same thing except we were seated across from the bar and in the clear glass refrigerator under the bar I saw a thing of Sunny D – I knew it wasn’t fresh but geez. Also it was $3 – I could Safeway and could have gotten the whole jug for that price. DON’T GO THERE – RIP OFF

  • Vanman0254

    It’s hotel food. The chef worked at the Marriot for awhile and has imported similar concepts, sourcing and execution at the restaurant. If you have ever eaten breakfast at a Marriot, you instantly recognize the potatoes. The food is ok, not great.

    The service is terrible, they incredibly disorganized and forgetful. I sat at the bar ordered breakfast, it took 1.5 hours, I had 3 people ask for my order and once I was served food I was forgotten about. Had to ask for my check numerous times.

    If you’re not looking to wait at the Diner or Tryst, skip Bistro 18 and go to Slaviya. They have a better breakfast, better service and a liquor license!

    • Anonymous

      yeah, I’d like to see a judging Slaviya, but judging from the fact that they never have (and probably never will) wash their windows or repaint, I’ll probably never go regardless.

  • LM

    Went there a few weeks ago and was very surprised/impressed with the experience. The owner and staff were very friendly and attentive, as well as open to feedback.

    The food was excellent, particularly the spinach and feta omelette. The price was extremely reasonable, though it looks like the dinner menu leans towards the more expensive side.

  • Shana

    A word of warning to everyone that paid $20 for $40 worth of food to this restaurant from BuyWithMe….my bf and I went to the restaurant and tried to use it and they told us that they “were no longer contracting with that company”. I’m sorry, but….what? They gave us a 25% discount instead, which meant that we got ~$15 off. I paid $20 to BuyWithMe to get that coupon, so I basically ended up paying an extra $5 for that meal. The food wasn’t bad, but I thought that that situation was very poorly handled.


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