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  • andy

    you’ve got to do SOMETHING to add living space to those tiny row houses there on Kalorama. They’re the living space equivalent of a condo apartment, in two or three bite-size stackable floors of a row house.

  • Anonymous

    i mostly like it. i don’t like the wood railings, the look a bit off to me. and i don’t understand the glass door.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I agree. I do like the color of the house!

  • inwdc

    Live right around the corner from this place and I, too, have no clue why the glass door. They redid the place I think about one or two years ago and if I remember correctly actually added that door. Seems an odd feature, and its purpose alludes me.

    • inwdc

      “eludes” not “alludes”

    • Anonymous

      flying cat door?

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE IT! Looks very cute and colorful… almost Key Westy. I actually wish people did double porch/decks more often. So Charleston or New Orleans. I’ve actually seen a bunch on the Hill.

  • sarah

    Aw, this brings back some memories — I lived in the blue house pictured to the right for a year! The addition was coming along when I moved out, the bottom half was done but not the top. If I recall correctly, some of the neighbors didn’t appreciate it and thought it was kind of ugly. At the time I agreed, but now I kind of like it. The houses on this block have killer backyards, even though they looked onto a parking garage.

  • Banksy

    I like the double porch, the glass “window,” and the retro house numbers, but I don’t like the wide white horizontal planks. I would have gone for a narrower plank, vertical iron bars, or maybe even a solid translucent material.

    I would also use the discarded planking to hide the garbage and recycling bins. They really mar the curb appeal of the house.

  • LisaT

    Love the idea, not liking the execution. Seems like it would look better if the railing slats were vertical, like on the blue house.

  • Chalk

    I really like the underdecking and lighing on the porches.

  • Anonymous

    cute! I love it the way it is. it’s fresh and unexpected.

  • Angry Parakeet

    My guess is that the translucent glass looks nice/ provides interesting light from inside the room upstairs and it provides privacy.

  • Angry Parakeet

    Is the front door a mirror?

  • greent

    I live around the corner from this house, and was waiting for this post. I really want to know about the glass door on the top level. I thought perhaps useful for moving, as the stairs are quite narrow… but it’s not big enough.

  • Anonymous

    I live right by there, can’t figure out the glass thing either as the house faces north so it’s not like direct sunlight streams in there at some hour.

    Anybody who complains about the color of that place should STFU and redirect their attention to all the nasty busted up chain link fencing around the parking lots for the big apartment buildings near there.

  • H Street Landlord

    I like it a lot. Sunlight is precious so the door is key.

    • Anonymous

      still not buying it. why not have the whole balustrade in glass then? there has to be a different reason.

  • AC

    porch style looks modern and awesome. who in town does work like this? any chance to get the name of the contractor?

    • he’s a super decent guy, and a friend. this is the work of his apprentice… i’d hire feeney again in a second. i have four times already.

  • JenDC

    I adore that whole stretch of – yes – tiny row houses. Sigh – one of you who lives right @ the corner may have bought my dream home a few years back!

  • canopy crusader

    I love the horizontal railings. their real appeal might not come through from this photo, but in person the effect works well.

  • I have been an Architect for many years in working projects in DC, LA, and NYC and I give this two thumbs up!!!!

    As a person whose job is to design homes and buildings and advise on their construction I think this is about the best thing I’ve seen done to this street.
    Not only was is done by an architect (not myself) it sure beats what others to the left or right have invested in they homes.

    In addition, while I appreciate the desire to evaluate the eye-candy behind such issues. I’d find it more interesting to ask about how people feel about that which the other home lack taking an interest in on this street and around dc where design values are zero.

    Oh, I happen to walk past this from time to time to go from 16th to other parts of adams morgan and what really in question is … What’s up with the home to the left of this one ( I believe) that SMELLS like the pee tank at the NYC Zoo? hopefully its not coming from the owner of this beautiful home. But in passing several people have commented on the stink that almost makes you want to pass out or run into HT across the street.

  • CC

    This is absolutely stunning and quite creative. I have driven by and love the contrast. The space is intlligently utilized. The horizontal rails work for me as well and the glass piece seems to bring light into the porch at night without having to turn on the overheads.Great taste !!!!I bet it is a wonderful place to hang out in the summer.

  • As for the glass…. Why not?

    seriously folks there are bigger and better things to worry about in the world!

    I L-O-V-E THIS little HOUSE it makes me smile every time I walk into HT to buy something, which is daily.

    Better than the ugly shit I have to look at on my way home!

    get over the glass issue and expand your innovative component of your brain you have turned off

  • dino

    Love it!! Glass, railing, color… Must be some sort of artist or design related pro. Curious now about the inside, specially with the reference to the backyard patio.


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