• Anonymous

    where is forest hiils?

  • SerenityNow

    I think of forest hills up nearer to Politics and Prose, but this house is near the Levine music school and Howard Law.

  • anon

    Unless you’re actually dealing with mustard, ‘mustard’ is never a good color…

  • super_b

    I’m sure its nice, but those pictures make it look like one of those shipping-container houses.

  • Ans

    Actually drove by that house with my mom not too long ago. She lived down the block in around 1970, and said she remembered the house being there. Something about it doesn’t quite say “50’s” to me, but hard to tell.

  • Anonymous

    according to the DC gov it was built in 1963 with major renovations in 1976.

  • Kevin

    This house is right across the street from Howard Law School, not too far from the Van Ness metro stop. There are all sorts of cool 80s-style houses near this one. Think Weekend at Bernies. There is even one house I can see into while walking my dog where the huge living room is almost totally vacant, with the exception of a couch and a colorful wall painting. So Wall Street (movie).


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