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Good Deal or Not? “Trex deck with private parking” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth May 9, 2011 at 1:00 pm 34 Comments

This home is located at 4312 14th St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Beautiful, complete renovation in 16th St Heights. This end-unit has it all – Bosch stainless steel appliances, cherry wood flooring, marble bathrooms, fully finished basement w/ kitchenette. Trex deck with private parking in rear. 4bdr, and 3.5 bath.”

You can find more info here and a mouse on house tour here.

This 4 bed/3.5 is going for $639,900 – sound right?

  • Idaho Ave

    Well I’d definitely take about 8-12,000 off that price as you will most likely be replacing the AC/HP fairly soon since it will overheat and/or blow nothing but warm,used air back into the house. You don’t want to put your AC or HP inside. hahaha

    • Anonymous

      That seems odd to me, too … almost as if the neighborhood has had problems with people stealing or vandalizing AC units. One way or the other, it says something about the place.

    • Jim Ed

      Also, why is the lineset run across the wall like it’s some kind of artwork? Bizarre set up.

    • dreas

      It’s outside, isn’t it? If you hover over the hallway labeled “entry” on the lower level, you have the door straight ahead, bedroom door on the left, and utility closet on the right. I’m pretty sure it’s in the exterior back entry that’s open to the outside, just a few steps down.

    • ah

      That’s outside–it’s a bit confusing, but the door is the entry door to the lower level, and the door is reflecting the driveway etc. Still not an optimal area for the compressor, because there’s limited airflow, but at least it’s “outside”.

      • Sir Douchy

        I’d also take a close look at drainage on this one. All that new concrete was poured but was there much thought re getting the water away from the house. Maybe there was, but that’s a big question to ask. Try to see this house after a big rainstorm or something.

  • PTB

    I toured this place pre-flip and needless to say it’s a vast improvement. That said, I don’t think its a great deal. You can find more bang for the buck in the neighborhood on a less busy street.

    Not sure 8 boards of Trex is worth highlighting – especially when its mixed with non-Trex rail posts.

  • caballero

    Very nice house….I love the windows. It’s a bit of a hike to the Petworth metro (I’m guessing 13-15 minutes), but I think it is priced about right.

  • SF

    Seems like a decent price for an end unit, maybe 20K too high.

    Seems ludicrous to highlight that tiny deck. If the rest of the backyard is concrete, that’s not so great– I’d rather have some usable yard space at this price.

  • H Street Landlord

    Nice house. Agreed about the lack of a proper yard though – shame.

  • Kev29

    0.4 mile walk to Red Derby – bonus

  • I like the house, seems like a good price but I do want to admonish you for the full concrete backyard. I consider that horrible from a aesthetics point of view as well as an environmental stewardship point of view. You are lucky I do not write the zoning laws, you would have to tear it up before selling the house.

    • Kev29

      I think the concrete yard is an easy fix. Demolish 3/4 of it, leave a parking pad for one car – fill in the rest with grass and pavers. Then you have a pleasant little yard w/ a parking spot. Of course that’s not going to be free.

    • Anonymous

      Especially since the watershed society (or whatever they’re called) will subsidize part of the replacement of a full concrete patio with something permeable.

  • House

    Be careful of this real estate developer. I purchased a home from the same group and started out pleased but once I discovered a post-purchase serious back drainage issue — they were non-responsive. Make sure to get a very thorough inspection done and do not leave open items on the punch list.

  • Your Mom

    I watched this company renovate a house in the area. They definitely take short cuts to flip these things really fast.

    • Anonymous

      Which short cuts? Plumbing? Electrical? Excessive aggregate in the cement?

      • Not Your Mom

        I too watched them renovate a house. They used postcard permits (at least those that I saw on the window) for a full gut job and basement digout (went from 7′ to 9′), hope they underpinned the footers.

  • houseintherear

    Hmm, location right across from the dog park could be noisy.

    • m

      It’s a long block away from the dog park. One is more likely to hear noise from the busy intersection of Arkansas and 14th Street where this house is located.

  • New to Hood

    I am not familiar with this developer,I also purchased a home that had been completely renovated. The finishes are nice, but there were problems because the job was rushed.

    I recommend two home inspections since one will likely not reveal all the items to be fixed. Get a warranty on the plumbing, heating/AC, roof, electrical and basement. Get references from the developer from homeowners in properties they built.

    I’m happy with my house and location, but I likely would not have bought for the price or even at all given I knew the headaches in store for me. A year later I am still dealing with problems and missing work to meet with the contractors.

  • Petworth Res

    I saw this house pre-flip too and while I’m impressed with the cosmetic part of the flip, I’m curious to know if there were any necessary repairs to the structure/foundation.

    Also, I’m curious as to why the developer didn’t go for a legal unit in the basement. The house is certainly big enough and since it was a full gut, it would make sense to me to go the extra mile so you can ask for more in terms of price…

  • EckingtonChick

    Hmm, $355K increase in price following 3 months work. Sure, they certainly put some money into the flip, but I wonder what’s behind all that pretty looking dry wall. I can’t imagine they fixed all the problems in just 3 months.

    Good Deal or Not? – Not.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      And the facts behind your speculation would be . . . what . . .exactly? Your extensive experience renovating homes? How long should it take to renovate a home?

  • 14th St Heights

    I live behind this house, and it was done FAST! I think it looks really cheap. Also, the side windows are less than 10 feet from the wall or windows of the condo next store. The hideous concrete parking pad is lined with an atrocious white plastic fence. However, it is right on the 14th St. bus line, which is a pretty quick ride to CH and the Metro. Also, the revitalized Upshur Park is right across the street. I don’t think they’ll get that price though.

  • Anon

    I like it, but its not fair to brag about a trex deck that is obnoxiously small.

    Not sure if this is a good deal, but I dont usually like open floor plans, but I like this one.

  • Sir Douchy

    Based on an eye-ball measurement of the deck, I’d imagine materials cost for that Trex would run about $1,500. Not insignificant, but not necessarily a deal sealer when it comes to buying a $640K house.

    • Anon

      sure, but I could build a 2ft trex deck that stretched a mile, and it would be obnoxiously expensive but completely useless.

  • Anon

    Where does the stovetop hood vent? Maybe it just recirculates the air, because it does not look like it vents anywhere. They mixed the trex with pressure treated lumber, which looks ridiculous. Did the back bedrom used to have a door that they sealed up? Better make sure they did that correctly. Also better make sure they addressed drainage issues when they paved over the back yard. Why did they slap vinyl siding on the back of the house — cheaper than repointing the brick? There may be a multitude of sins hiding beneath these cosmetic changes.

  • Anonymous

    why do you see a passthrough in the picture of the front of the house, but not in the picture of the back of the house?

  • Anonymous

    that intersection is not pleasant. very high traffic area. the side alley is a conduit for crime.

    i would be surprised if they get close to asking

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that thinks this is ridiculously overpriced? I don’t care about how fast the renovation was done or any of the other conjecture about its quality…but 640k in that neighbordhood? Really?

  • andy

    I live a short distance from here.

    Houses of this style typically more like $400-$500K, depending on how nicely they’ve been done up. So $639,000 is an interesting price. Hey, if they get it, great for my neighborhood’s home values. There have been a couple of high-cost sales on Taylor recently if I remember correctly.

    This house is directly on a busy intersection of 14th St. It’s not a highway like 16th St., but I would have pangs of fear if my kid was off my front porch for half a second.

    That said, whoever moves in here will be just in time for completion of the Upshur Park playground just across the intersection.

    The wife did not like the exterior colors, thought they needed a third color.

    Quick flip always leaves you wonder what is undone or doesn’t actually work. Get a great inspector.

    The area generally isn’t sketchy, but there are some guys who like to hang out in the lot in the middle of that block who can be noisy, drink in the alley, drive cars around, etc. One neighbor believes they’re trouble, I just think they’re typical DC. Never actually bothered anybody as far as I can tell, and they will absolutely smile and say hi if you just say hello.

    The immediate area has a nice mix of really good neighbors, new and old, of all backgrounds.

  • 16st H

    This same company flipped a house two blocks away last year. North and West. Same schedule. Same finishes. Dropped the price 50k within a week of going on market. 700 to 650. Lets see if they do the same here.


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