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Bethesda Bagels Coming to Dupont Circle

by Prince Of Petworth May 30, 2011 at 10:22 pm 59 Comments

On Friday I shared a tip that Johnny Rockets would be closing at 1718 Connecticut Ave. NW in Dupont. I’m happy to now share the news that a Bethesda Bagels will be moving into the space.

Any fans of Bethesda Bagels? Think they are a good fit for this location? I’ll be sure to update when they open.

  • Anonymous

    Bethesda Bagels is awesome- instantly the best inside the District

  • A. Powers

    Yeah, baby! Yeah!

  • isn’t that the old burrito brothers space?

  • Never had Bethesda (I’m a fan of Georgetown Bagelry when it comes to bagels in Bethesda), but there aren’t many bagel places in the District, so I imagine anything half decent will be a good addition to Dupont. I crave a smear and lox on a reasonably tasty bagel quite often!

  • dk

    I still miss Burrito Brothers

    • You haven’t been to Burrito Brothers lately.

      • Jay

        Does it still exist? This old Burrito Brothers in DuPont was great. They had spinach and black beans and more of the “wet” meat style of Burritos– not the dry and striny grilled stuff Chipoltle churns out.

        • There’s still one in International Square, above Farragut West. And I’d much rather eat there than at Chipotle.

          • erin

            Also one on the south side of the Capitol. On Penn. Somewhere around 4th or so.

  • Kalorini

    *Love* Bethesda Bagels! Fantastic addition to North Dupont

  • anon

    I thought it was called Bethesda Bagel’s

    • Anonymous

      thats the one in silver springs. near the potbellies.

  • L

    Bethesda Bagels is AMAZING. I’m so excited about this news.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, we look forward to seeing you!

  • Exciting news. Since Bethesda Bagels closed their Cleveland Park shop several years ago, the only reasonably good bagels I’ve had in the city are from Bruegger’s, which is quite a schlep from the Dupont/Logan area. Now we won’t have to drive all the way up to Bethesda to obtain their bagels.

    • nathaniel

      You know there is a Brueggers on L st between 22nd and 21st. That’s not too far from Dupont.

      • Anonymous

        Not a real bagel, whitebread with a hole!

    • Custer Clemmonds

      That was Whatsa Bagel. Awesome bagels. Always a line out the door on a Saturday morning.

      • jumpingjack

        Isn’t Whatsa Bagel the same as Bethesda Bagels? I used to think it’s what they named their stores outside of Bethesda, but I’m not sure about that.

        • Custer Clemmonds

          Yep! I wonder if the new place is going to be called something else.

  • CB

    THIS IS SUCH GOOD NEWS. I work in Bethesda and live in DC and cannot find any bagels nearly as good on the weekends- by far the best bagels in the area!

  • Gandalf the Mauve

    Pretty much anything replacing a Johnny Rockets is a step in the right direction.

  • Frank

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Love Bethesda Bagels, badly needed in DC especially Dupont.

  • Andy(2)

    I hear its a new concept – bagels and comfort one shoes in the same location!

    • Stella

      There used to be a bagel shop where the northern-most Comfort One is in Dupont on Conn Ave. Back in the day.

  • RDDC

    Wagshals has great bagels too for those that live close or have a car. Saying that, Bethesda bagels will be a great addition.

    • Anonymous

      Wagshals carries Whatsa Bagel bagels, which is the wholesale side of Bethesda bagels. Same exact bagel, but it’s made by machine as opposed to hand rolled.

  • bagels

    Despite the fact that there is no such thing as a good bagel in the DC region, I will give this place a try. The only good bagel I’ve ever found in the area was at Snider’s, and they import them from H&H!

    By the way, do they boil them (as they should be)?

    • jumpingjack

      Bethesda Bagels are excellent, one of the three best in DC. Also try Goldberg’s (on Georgia Ave in Silver Spring) and Brooklyn Bagel Bakery (in Courthouse). And I’ve had H&H many times, from the original source.

      I used to work at a place where we made the imported (frozen) H&H bagels. They were good, mostly because they were very freshly baked, but couldn’t compare to the originals.

      • greent

        Did you used to work at Comet? I miss that place so much. Great bagels, nice whitefish salad, and a hearty good morning from the old man.

        • jumpingjack

          No, this was at the White Mountain Creamery in Potomac. One of my favorite parts of opening was baking the bagels. I think that all of the DC locations are closed, but they also had really excellent low fat frozen yogurt.

      • bagels

        Morty’s was also pretty good (albeit expensive and kind of dirty), but I think they’ve closed for good.

        • Frank

          Morty’s got them from Bethesda Bagels

      • SOUP

        I love Brooklyn Bagel in Clarendon! The only thing I miss about working in VA.

  • P’worth

    I used to work in an office next door to that place, and it must be haunted, b/c nobody can seem to stay in business there.

  • bagels

    Bagels are better in New York.

    Just sayin’

    • Anonymous

      this schtick is horribly overdone and played out.

      just sayin’

    • greent

      I hear Rape-by_Cop is sooooo much better in NYC too. Moving back soon then, are you?

      • bagels

        I had always been told that DC boasted being home to the best and the brightest in the nation. But, every time I post a troll-y comment, I am made fully aware of how truly dim and un-original the “best and brightest” are.

        • greent

          So then, you ARE moving back to NYC soon. Excellent. Don’t drain the brain pool on your way.

          (see, you missed my sarcasm, so I thought I would make it MORE obvious for ya. Cua I am neither best nor bright).

          Or, to put it more succintly:

          if you have to explain your trolling, you are a ineffective troll. Do not blame the reader for your lack of writing skills. Troll better, we here are accustomed to top quality trolls. you do not impress.

          • greent

            diggity I cannot spell today

    • New

      I am thinking of moving to NY just so I can go on local blogs and talk about how there is no good Ethiopian in NY

      • Anonymous


      • anon

        You could actually do it from DC! That’s the amazing wonder of the world wide web.

        • Anonymous

          It is better to leave a vessel unfilled, than to attempt to
          carry it when it is full. If you keep feeling a point that has been
          sharpened, the point cannot long preserve its sharpness.

  • OK, so those of you who aren’t familar with what we do.
    We are the only shop in the Metro area that makes over 25 varieties by hand from scratch. We slow speed mix the product so it is dense and chewy. You won’t find a white bread texture product in our establishment. We also make most of our product from scratch. Homemade Corned beef, Roast beef and over 20 types of cream cheese, bagel dogs, Flagels etc. This is just a small amount of what we do.We have about 40 different sandwich items and carry a large variety of smoked fishes, How about some real homemade Chicken Matzo ball soup? We also do a lot of catering. We are a family owned operation. It won’t have the feel of some of the corporate type of establishments that are still around. We are very excited about being back in the district. We should be open sometime in September. If you have any questions our email is [email protected]

    • anon

      Are they boiled or baked?

    • Stephen we are SOOOOO excited to have you in Dupont Circle. I personally am a huge fan. I think you will be very successful in that space.

    • SOUP

      Stop talking dirty to me, Stephen. This Dupont Circle worker-bee is excited.

  • Anonymous

    boiled, then baked.

  • Howard Eskin


    • no

      Oy vey!

  • Howie…….LOL
    Not a shake, A chocolate egg cream. Get with it.

  • JT

    Wow! I never thought I’d see the day that real bagels would be in the District. Bethesda Bagels are equavalent if not better than many of the best bagels in NYC. Trust me – I’m a Jew from Jersey – I know my bagels.

    • Anonymous

      I appreciate hearing that. It’s hard to convince New Yorkers but the only difference is the water and I know for a fact that the water in DC isn’t that far off. The real difference in bagels is the process in which they are made. We follow the same process as they did when there was a bagel union in NYC. Slow speed mixing, the bagels then go thru a retarding process, boiled and baked on stone shelves. The most important factor is that they are hand rolled. It truly makes a vast difference in the product. The sad part is that a lot of people think that these chain store bagels are real bagels, they look nice, but that’s as close as they get. These places whipped the dough (which ruins it from the start) and then they squeeze it thru an extruding machine (ruined twice now) and it’s downhill from there. It’s basically whitebread with a hole.

  • bagelicious

    Hello?? no bagels in Dupont? All you Bethesdans should go to the little bagel shop on P btw 21st and 22nd. Not a chain and the egg and cheese bagel sandwiches are right on.

  • Lisa

    Bagels ?! (rollin’ eyes) and let me guess, espresso. How novel. Yuppie, Food snobbery wins again.

    Good luck. Everything in that space goes under in no time.

    • Anonymous

      Let me guess, your glass is always 1/2 empty. Bethesda Bagels has never had an operation not do well. The same thing happened in Rockville, where Matchbox took over a jinxed space, they will do very well there. You gotta have faith. Remember, those places failed either because they sucked or absentee management, or both.

  • Anonymous

    The place has never been jinxed! All businesses that have rented that space with the exception of Quizno’s (which was jinxed by their own ads and inconsistencies)have honored their 5 year leases and closed when their leases expired. Johnny Rockets was jinxed by its change of ownership in 2007 (bought by the slimiest scumbag Dan Snyder). The Fleishman family will do an excellent business there! I am a big fun and will become a steady patron!!!!


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