Washington, DC

I found a bit of info on a Web site called Showcase that says:

“The Yards is a development of Forest City Enterprises- Washington in partnership with MacFarlane Partners.

This retail heart of The Yards will be found at the corner of Tingey and 4th Streets SE in an expansive former industrial building known as The Boilermaker Shop where boilers for Navy ships were once manufactured. Now, as a part of The Yards, The Boilermaker Shop is being converted into an exciting, two-level, 45,000-square-foot retail center with opportunities for outdoor dining and more. All this will be nestled in the heart of the new, 42-acre riverfront neighborhood that Forest City is developing within walking distance of Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.
Retail shops and restaurants will gain additional character with the complex’s Classic American industrial architecture, complete with exposed steel girders and clerestory windows.”

Looks like they hope to open in Nov. 2011. Not sure how realistic that is but it sounds pretty sweet and some cool history as well.


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