Dog Killed Tues. Afternoon at 17th and S St, NW Dog Park


“Dear PoP,

Dolce was the most kind dog i have ever meet in my life. she got kill by a big dog tuesday @ the dog park in 17TH ST n Q ST in Dupont around 5pm. all the dog were having a good time when out of nowhere 2 big dogs came n run over her breaking her spin. my best friend was walking her. when she saw she wasn’t getting up my friend run to her n people gather around her n help her call the vet in 14th and S st. we took her there n had to put her to sleep. she left this world wrap in a towel laying in my lap. i have never seen any1 or anything die. thats the worst feeling in life. dont wish that to anyone.

what i learn from this is that small dog park like the 1 in 17th n Q st should only b for small dogs, n if u have a big dog be respectful of others people with small one n take responsibility for their actions.

the owners of the dogs never help my friend n we dont know what happen to them since my friend went in to panic mode n doesnt remember of the people around her.

i still thing she is coming back.

thank for reading this and it would help alot if u put her pic in her memory”

Ed. Note: This is obviously a very sensitive and sad situation so please be respectful and keep in mind that someone’s dog has just died. Also, obviously English is not the first language of this reader so please save grammatical suggestions for another time.

I know that the Shaw dog park at 11th and R St, NW has a separate area for small dogs. Do you guys know of other parks that have separate areas for small dogs?

They also have a very clear set of rules.

My sympathy to the reader at the loss of Dolce. If you and your pet use a dog park please be careful and mindful of your pet.

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