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Dear PoP – Requested update of former Horse’s Ass Award nominee – Old Alliance of Concerned Men (11th and Harvard St, NW)

by Prince Of Petworth April 12, 2011 at 10:30 am 14 Comments

“Dear PoP,

A while back I wrote to nominate the old Alliance of Concerned Men at 11th and Harvard St NW that burned down for the Horse’s Ass award. At the time it looked like there was some hope that it would be converted to an “old person’s home.” Apparently the city or some developer had taken over the building after the AOCM had abandoned it after the fire.

Well, since then nothing seems to have happened. There are permits on the door but I haven’t seen a soul do any work on the property and I live across the street so I see it daily. The windows are still boarded up but some of the boards are loose or have come off allowing entrance into the abandoned structure. You can see sunlight coming through the roof which means the inside must be a mess now that the weather has gotten to it. I’m afraid that now it’s possible to get inside through the unboarded windows, it will become a magnet for ilicit activity in the neighborhood.

I would love it if you could get an update on what’s going on and why the progress has ground to a halt and also who or what I need to do to get the person(s) responsible to secure the building.”

Ward One Council Member Jim Graham writes:

“2905 11th St., the former Men’s Alliance building, was issued construction permits on 4/8/11 for renovations. DCHA has considered several options. Let me now ask Director Todman for their latest plan.

I am always available to provide updates, but DCRA also makes this information available here.”

Hopefully Director Todman will share some good news soon. I’m afraid the original reader is right that the area could become a nuisance property in its current state. When I went to check on the property last weekend I saw a discarded briefcase, possibly dumped after a robbery, (I called the police and they took it) as well as a door that was unlocked, not to mention the broken windows.

Whatever priority this building once had, I’d say it’s high time it moved up the list.

Unlocked door on first floor

Discarded briefcase behind front stairwell

False promises…?


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