Dear PoP – Mosquito Preparation

by Prince Of Petworth April 7, 2011 at 1:30 pm 50 Comments

“Dear PoP,

The street I live on is absolutely INFESTED with mosquito’s. I was told by a long-time resident that this has just been getting worse every year. I have a pretty bad allergic reaction to mosquito bites and last summer it was to the point that I could not even run from my car parked right out front of my house to the door without getting bitten at least twice. I thought about paying to have the area sprayed before they come this year, but since I live on a street of rowhouses, would that even help since the houses that are not sprayed are so close by? Do you or anyone else know if there is anything that can be done so I can actually enjoy our front porch this year?”

Every year I fear their arrival. I have found nothing works for me except a full dosage of leaded bug spray or skin so soft. I look like Willie from the Simpsons after he says “grease me up!” (minus all the muscles of course). Aside from tipping over standing water I don’t what else to do. Except hope we have more bats this year… Have you guys learned any new methods to avoid/mitigate this pestilence?


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