Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I wanted to see if you’ve noticed or heard about the new shop opening in Columbia Heights on 14th st. between Park and Monroe where the old “Mozel Fashion” store was. It’s called Coffy Cafe and says it will serve cupcakes and crepes among other things. It advertises a logo of a woman’s head with a huge afro and says it will have a “mod 70-s feel”. The glass is covered in bright orange and pink paper right now. Let us know if you find out any more details!”

This is the space I mentioned back in the end of March that should open in late summer. I’ve been emailing with the owner who is super enthusiastic. Stay tuned for more updates as build out progresses at 3310 14th St, NW (just north of Park Rd).

Another reader writes:

“Dear PoP,

For all the haters that said “Coffy” was a stupid nonsensical name, we can see now that it’s really “Coffy” as is in Pam Grier from 1973. Now lets just hope those crepes will keep them in business!


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