Bistro Bohem Coming to 6th and Florida Ave, NW in Ledroit Park

by Prince Of Petworth April 19, 2011 at 11:03 pm 53 Comments

This section of Florida Ave, NW is booming. This new spot will be located between the recently opened Zee’s Restaurant and the “soon to be” Shaw’s Tavern. Bistro Bohem will be located at 1840 6th St, NW and the liquor license application says:

“New Restaurant serving European Bistro full range of full meals and light fare. Background music will be provided, no live entertainment. With a Sidewalk Café. Seating – 50, Total Occupancy Load – 65, Sidewalk Café – 24.”

Nice! Great to see so many vacant storefronts start to get filled in here. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

  • Anonymous

    you have got to be shitting us. a european bistro there???? with a sidewalk cafe???? damn thats’s cool.

    • Kevin

      +1 Great win for the neighborhood.

      But I will say, though it has been 3 years, I still miss Pyramids. That was a great restaurant.

  • Shaw Parent

    With any luck, my days of hiking to du coin are over.

    • CSnDC

      It would be swell if they too have a robust, boisterous French owner that smokes cigars and gets drunk at the end of the evening and sings over the mic. Ahh, du Coin …

  • Anonymous

    why must all bistros have bistro in their name?

    • Chris

      It’s sort of like Thai restaurants

      • Anonymous

        and dry cleaners

        • PG

          And pho places.

  • mayor

    I truly hope they create a decent atmosphere; most new dc spots fail miserably at this; it doesn’t have to be expensive to be comfortable, welcoming and fresh; for example haven’t the Rustik people ever been to spots in Philly? NY? The atmosphere they created and the interior finishes are terrible! To the new bistro owners: please through materials, furnishings, lighting and of course welcoming service please make this place a true neighborhood joint!

    • Bloomingdale

      Mayor, what specifically don’t you like about Rustik?(noting of course, that we aren’t Philly or NY)

      • Anonymous

        i agree with mayor and will add my thoughts why.
        the color choices and finishes at rustik are horrible. except for the cool mural, it has the feel of a hotel bar. i would disagree with mayor about the service, because i find the service there to be super friendly and nice. but theres a bit of feeling like you’ve walked into someones living room.
        also, no bar should have tiled floor. it should be wood. 2 reasons. sound and comfort.

      • robotrustic

        I am with mayor on this one. I really wanted to love Rustik, but its look/feel is cold and corporate – it reminds me of an airport bar. It is anything *but* rustic…more like a soulless version of what a robot would spit out after digesting the definition of rustic. But then, I find this soulless, corporate look to be true of most D.C. businesses – it is really very striking and strange for someone who has lived in many a city. Maybe soulless-cold-corporate actually just IS D.C.’s very own, special, and unique aesthetic and I should come to love and understand it?

        • Anon

          You hipsters cant be satisfied. Who cares what it looks like? Do you like the beer? Do you like the pizza? Anyone who wont go to somewhere because they dont like the decorations needs to loosen up a bit.

          • Fellow Bloomer

            Anon –

            I gotta say.. I was SO excited when this place opened despite the fact that I thought it was a little strange (atmosphere-wise as well as in taste) at first but figured it was just because it was new. After going nearly weekly for a few months, I finally stopped because the menu is so BORING and at times, gross (sorry – but that lamb is nasty – and I love lamb). I live close by and want to see it do well, but if the owner is not willing to budge on the menu – it’s going to be hard to remain excited about it.

            and PLEASE paint – I will help!!

    • Anon

      Huh? You’re making no sense. You think rustik should be like a ny or Philly pizza joint? Should it come With the same manners too?

    • James

      You all are being a bit ridiculous and should be thankful that you have a non-bulletproof-glass-takeout restaurant in that run-down neighborhood at all! I know I am.

      • Anonymous

        please don’t misinterpret criticism as hating. i love the place, but the look is a bit stale.

      • Anon

        run down? have you been there before? its beautiful these days.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously? Bloomingdale is a gorgeous neighborhood. you must just not be familiar with it.

  • Huzzah!

    • Mayor Greene

      i love huzzah! it looks like it was designed to be a chain restaurant, then, a painting of a weird dood was added to make it ‘trendy’; they have great manners there the people were not meant to be a complaint its that atmosphere/ design continuously falls short in dc; even the hilton’s stuff seems ‘chainy’ at this point; dc-hipster-generic i’d call it

  • New

    This is fantastic news! To have options in this part of town is really nice. Every time a new place pushes development further east it just encourages more!

    • H Street Landlord

      Good point!

      Great news.

  • Crin

    LeDroit Park is booming right now. Lots of recent residential sales and rehabs going on, especially along U Street.

  • Tobin

    This news just made my day. First Shaw Tavern, now this? This is GREAT news!

  • A Guy on V Street

    ..i think the new restaurants are catering to a clientele that is not of color. Pretty sure this is going to be some elitist, classist, racist intersectional type thing.

    • Anonymous

      just because you cater to “a clientele that is not of color” does not make you a “elitist, classist, racist intersectional type thing”. your prejudice is sad.

      but by all means open up your own place that caters to everyone since no one else can seem to do it.

      • A Guy on V Street

        You’ll see, this will be another Big Bear.

        • Anonymous

          oh billy, you need to drop this crap.

        • A Guy on U Street

          I, for one, welcome our new elitist, classist, racist overlords.

          • Tres

            You represent a worse problem than all but the worst of those who you criticize. Striking a provocative yet ultimately ignorant posture is easy and infantile.

        • Anonymous

          you said that about rustik. and the place is a haven for the neighborhood. besides if we all went to L3, where would you go?

          • Mister Ed

            can i go to L3? or Rustik? if i am mixed race? can a guy on V street help direct me?

          • Anonymous

            you can go anywhere you want.

        • CSnDC

          Guy on V Street,

          Would you please enlighten us on how a restaurant that caters to a “clientele that is not of color … elitist, classist, racist” should look and what it should serve?

          According to the new Shaw Tavern’s owner, the pub will feature a theme dedicated to the “Fighting” Massachusettes 54th “colored” regiment of the American Civil War. Photos of the 54th’s commander Col. Gould Shaw (for which Shaw neighborhood was named) and the brave African American members of the 54th will adorn the walls. Also, featured will be member of other colored regiments and Civil War leaders who lived nearby including the founder and of Howard Univerisity and others, like Col. William Birney, a noted abolistionist. It should also be noted that this is blocks from Howard U., just doors from Howard Theatre, around the corner from the future new HQ of the United Negro College Fund and across the street from LeDroit Park, a neighborhood that was historically home to a vast slice of the nation’s African American inteligencia, leaders, musicians, authors, civil rights leaders, and artists.

          I do not know the theme of the French Bisro, but bistros in Paris have historically hosted patrons of all walks of life, all social classes, and of many various races. At a time when African Americans could not sit a the lunch counter in this country, African Americans were welcomed to the table in these bistros. Ask any black WWII GI that spent time in Europe. Parisians flocked to Josephine Baker and Sidney Bichette in the bistros along the Champs d’Elysee. Langston Hughes chose to live in Paris and worked in a bistro and night club. African American authors Jake Lamar, Richard Wright, James Baldwin and Chester Himes often wrote in bistros. The artist Modiliani, an Italian, and Picasso, a Spaniard, were both poor of apparent lower socal class and spent a great deal of time in bistros.

          A little knowledge and hisorical context often brings things into perspective. If you believe that something is only for one group of people, a certain race or social class, then it is doomed or you are doomed to make it that way.

          Another guy on U Street.

    • Truxton K

      Ha ha ha. Yes, there is nothing that screams elitist and racist more than a block that includes an West African Bar and Restaurant, an Ethiopian Restaurant, a Trinidadian Restaurant, and a future European Bistro.

    • Anon

      The owners are actually chartreuse.

    • Anonymous


    • anon

      And they probably won’t serve any vegan entrees! Not fair!

    • WDC

      Yeah, I was pissed as hell when Destiny De-vé Salon opened up in my neighborhood. It’s clearly not intended for transparent people like myself! Racist, classist jerks.

  • Pete

    To any prospective Florida/L. Park/Shaw proprietors: “build it and they will come.” Cannot wait to have neighborhood hangouts. And to think that, with luck, the tram line should be running on Florida within a few years.

    • Anonymous

      if the streetcar proposal pans out, that area is a major hub of 3 lines. very cool.

      • Kev29

        Bistro Bohem will just have to hang on til 2075 to reap the benefits of the streetcars (with Florida Ave torn up from 2050 til then with the construction). {wink}

  • Dan

    I want to punch NERO in the face.

    • bloomingdale neighbor


    • Nate

      According to the officers I spoke to in Columbia Heights, Nero is one kid from VA. He’s been caught once before when hitting Georgetown so he’s got a record. I’m hoping someone can find out his name and address and pays him a visit.

    • Fellow Bloomer

      Would love to spray paint the little bastard’s face!

  • eastof9

    Woo hoo! This development is incredibly exciting for LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale. I can’t wait for these new spots along Florida to open! I don’t expect to love all of them but will be happy if I can find a new restaurant or two that I like. The more choices, the better for all of us!

  • the dude abides

    both this and the shaw tavern will be fantastic if they come to fruition – but what are the odds of both happenning by the end of 2011? there are always unexpected hurdles. i’m not considering it confirmed until i eat my first meal there.

  • Devoe

    More great news for the neighborhood. Meanwhile, further down the FlAve., work at SE corner of 3d and FL NW seems to have stalled leaving a curious metal box window.

    The real problem, though, is the monstrosity abandoned apartment building at the NW corner of 2d and Fl. NW. PoP, can I get a horse’s ass?

    • Bloomie Res


    • Fellow Bloomer

      suprised this hasn’t sold – owners must be nutty

  • Dustin

    It’s nice to see the whole neighborhood coming together and supporting new businesses in an area that desperately needs them. Helpful, constructive criticism of our local business is a good thing but some of our neighbors on here are unnecessarily catty.

    I hope this new bistro is classy, quaint, good service, successful, quality, with it’s own splash of style! Good luck, guys!


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